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Higley-Fry Bible from the estate of  Marjorie A (Fry) May, Transcribed 11⁄22⁄2007 Jim Kirk


Name Date Born Place Date Died
Joseph Bonapart Higley 10⁄08⁄1831 Vermont 03⁄11⁄1907
Charles Robert Higley 05⁄16⁄1857 Glenna, Illinois 1933
Mary Jane Higley 09⁄03⁄1854 Mill Isle, Canada 09⁄06⁄1929
Myrtle Eva Higley 03⁄27⁄1887 Austin, Nevada 11⁄16⁄1978
Emma Nevada Higley 02⁄15⁄1889 Reno, Nevada 07⁄25⁄1966
Roxy Louise Higley 03⁄06⁄1891 Reno, Nevada 05⁄31⁄1980
Louisa Timms, Higley, Small 05⁄08⁄1835   1928
Ralph Easley Fry
(Husband of Myrtle Eva)
11⁄23⁄1880   08⁄13⁄1930
Myrtle Eva Fry     11⁄16⁄1978
Thelwynne Janatte Fry 05⁄11⁄1908 Reno Nevada 07⁄20⁄1984
Marjorie Annette Fry 12⁄23⁄1914 Brighton, Sacramento, CA  
Nancy Jean May,
daughter of Marjorie A May
11⁄15⁄1956   04⁄13⁄1959



Bride Name Age Groom Name Age Date of Marriage
Mary Jane Pollock 30 Charles Robert Higley 28 06⁄17⁄1885
Myrtle Eva Higley 20 Ralph Easley Fry 27 06⁄26⁄1907
Thelwynne Janette Fry   Howard   Sept. 1928



Name Date of Death Place
Joseph Higley 03⁄11⁄1907 Reno, NV
Louisa Small 02⁄07⁄1928 Portland, OR
Mary Jane Higley 09⁄06⁄1929 Sacramento, CA
Charles Robert Higley 10⁄21⁄1933 Sacramento, CA
Ralph Easley Fry 08⁄13⁄1930 Sacramento, CA
Emma Nevada Chiatovich 07⁄25⁄1966 Sacramento, CA
Nancy Jean May 04⁄13⁄1959 Independence, MO
Myrtle Eva Fry 11⁄16⁄1978 Sacramento, CA
Roxy Louise Higley 05⁄31⁄1980  
Thelwynne Jeanette (Fry) Busby 07⁄20⁄1984
6:00 a.m.

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