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09-21 Empey, Foster Searching for Catherine or Katherine (Empey) Foster, born about 1894 in Montreal, Canada. She married Dan Foster and had I think 7 children: Howard,
Her parents were Wellington and Mary Ann or Polly Empey. She had siblings:
James B., (died 1962)
Gertrude or Gertie
Her last known place of residence was Reno, Nevada. Searching for any members of this family.
Daniel 12⁄31⁄09
09-20 Lombardo, Starratt Lombardo.... Reno, Nevada - Maiden name Starratt, born 1⁄30⁄ 1922 in Weymouth or Hingham Massachusetts.

I am trying to find out if she has passed on. She was married to Salvatore Lombardo and they moved to Reno in the late 1990's. He passed on in March 2003. I am doing family genealogy and am trying to determine her status. If you can help ...Thank you.
Kathy 12⁄31⁄09
09-19 Becker, Kleppe Looking for any information on the Kleppe Ranch; also trying to cross the ocean with Kleppe and Becker back to Germany. Have information about this family to share if anyone else is looking. Suzanne 12⁄31⁄09
09-18 Vice I am looking for death⁄burial information on my father, Lawrence Melvin Vice, Jr.. He died in April of 1982 and was buried in a cemetary on N. Virgina in Reno, to the best of my recollection. Robin 08⁄21⁄09
09-17 Bolt, Cardoza Looking for obit for Marion Grant Bolt Cardoza. Date of death June 3, 1991 in Reno, NV. Jennifer 08⁄21⁄09
09-16 Melville Looking for Marriage Application for Albert Melville. This would have been between the 1910 Census date and Sept 1918 when he filed his WW1 Draft Registration. If such an application is on file, will be glad to pay the $15.00 copy fee. I do not need a Certified copy. Need someone to look this up. Keith 07⁄03⁄09
09-15 McTaggart, Ramen John Leonard McTaggart born 8 March 1957, last known address Sun Valley, Nevada.

I'm trying to get in touch with my cousin, John L McTaggart, to invite him to my familytree, but I can't use Intel.com to find him since I live in Sweden. For years my family have tried to get in touch with him without any results.

His mother was Marianne Ramen born 7 August 1935 who died in Las Vegas, Nevada and his father was Leonard McTaggart who died 1 October 2001 in Sparks, Washoe, Nevada. I would be so grateful if anybody could find my cousin. Thank you for taking your time. Have a nice summer. Sincerely, Tina, Stockholm, Sweden
Tina 06⁄27⁄09
09-14 Duncan, Lynn, Schneider Wilma LYNN was born 21 May 1930 to John Marshel and Grace Dean (Schneider) LYNN. She had two sisters: Sadie
Wilma married Robert L Duncan born 05 Jan 1916 Centerville, Texas, and died 12 May 1979 Arizona. Wilma lived in Sun Valley, Washoe Co, Nevada where she died 23 Oct 2007. I have not located an obit or any other death information for her. Wilma and Robert had a son.
Nannette 06⁄27⁄09
09-13 Evans I have a newspaper cutting for the birth of a son to Mr and Mrs Frank A Evans of 520 Sinclair St., Reno dated 25 Dec 1934 from the Reno Evening Gazette. I believe that Frank is my husband's great uncle but little other information about him apart from finding him on the 1911 census. He was was born in Cheshire, England in 1902⁄3 but I have no idea why he was in Reno and whether he remained in the US. Does anyone know this family? Thank you for any assistance. Marilyn 06⁄27⁄09
09-12 Arrowsmith, Evans I have a letter envelope postmarked Oct. 3, 1899 from my grandfather, Dick Evans Arrowsmith (not Richard), in San Jose, California addressed to my grandmother, Gertrude Rhodes Arrowsmith, in Dewey, Nevada. John Newton Evans of Reno was one of Dick's uncles. I am writing a book on my grandfathers life and would like to find out where Dewey, Nevada is now. Thank you. (Note: Click here to see the envelope and others...) Dick 04⁄28⁄09
09-11 Jones I have heard that Jones was working on a road crew where a balloon was found in 1945. I was also told that all of these men suffered health problems shortly thereafter. Jones was my father and died in 1948 in Arizona. Any help in solving this is appreciated. Thank You. Sue 04⁄28⁄09
09-10 Robinson I am seeking the obituary of Stanley T. Robinson Jr. who died 15 Jul 1996 in Reno, Washoe County, Nevada. Ann 04⁄19⁄09
09-09 Stoops I know that my grandfather Al (Alta) Frank Stoops lived in Carson City for a while and in fact filed his WW1 draft registration there. I am interested in any and all information during this time in his life. Catherine 04⁄19⁄09
09-08 Aitken I am looking for any information on a David McQueen Aitken, died March 3, 1970. I found a reference to him in the obituary index from Wahoe County Nevada. Any information would be appreciated. Andrea 03⁄28⁄09
09-07 Beever, Guilbert Looking for an obit for Ella V. Beever . She was married to Monte (Montford) Beever but there was a divorce. I also need to know if she remarried after divorcing him.

Ella V. Guilbert born California 1917 . Married Monte Beever 1935, divorced 1955. She may have died Sparks in 1965. I would like a copy of an Obit if there is one.
Ellen 03⁄28⁄09
09-06 Adams, Michaelchuck Looking for information regarding Elizabeth Michaelchuck Adams. She is presumed dead. Have a Mineral Deed (property in Winkler County, Texas) executed by her on 8⁄15⁄1994 in Washoe County, NV. Elizabeth (aka Betty) Michaelchuck married William Paul Adams on 10⁄15⁄1974 in Reno, NV, and divorced on 12⁄14⁄1978 in Washoe Co., NV. They remarried on 10⁄8⁄1983 in Lee County, FL, and William Paul Adams died 13 days later on 10⁄21⁄1983 in Fort Myers, Lee Co., FL. His death certificate shows his occupation to be a Card Dealer in a gambling casino. His date of birth was 9⁄11⁄1923 and I assume Elizabeth Adams was of a similar age. Kaye 03⁄28⁄09
09-05 Dillard, Glanzman, Petersen I am trying to find the death date of Mayme (Glanzman) Dillard. I find she was still alive in 1957 as listed in obit. of daughter, Mildred (Dillard) Petersen. Did Mildred  Arthur Petersen have any children? Thank you for your help; my eyes are going in circles! Sharon 03⁄28⁄09
09-04 Flournoy, Prows Looking to confirm marriage of William James Prows and Leona Iva Flournoy 24 Jul 1934 in Reno, Washoe, Nevada. If you can provide this confirmation, please provide source. Sandy 02⁄12⁄09
09-03 Totten Looking for obituary for Michael Wayne Totten, born February 15, 1956, supposed to have died September 18, 2008. Lived in Sparks, Nevada, wife's name Patti. Laura 02⁄07⁄09
09-02 Davis, Tetrault Date in March of 1934 of marriage of Mark Theodore Tetrault and Eloise Ola Davis,
Names of bride's parents, and
Place of bride's birth in CA on 5 Nov 1905 (if available in marriage record)
Eugene 02⁄07⁄09
09-01 Edrington Looking for an obit for Stanley Edrington. Date of death 27 August 2003 Paula 02⁄07⁄09



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