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Wayne Stewart 7



posted 18 Jul 1998
I am seeking any information regarding my grandfather and all relatives. Raymond  ALTENBURG b. 7 Jan 1899 in Owosso, Michigan, d. July 1964 in Higgins Lake, Roscommon, Michigan , SS# 367-20-4157. Resided at 48653 Higgins Lake, perhaps with a brother Alvin ALTENBURG b. 12 Sep 1901, d. May 1967. Parents: Rubin "Leo" ALTENBURG and sp. Katherine BERGMAN. Raymond married my grandmother Florence JOHNSTONE, 21 Feb early 1900's and had three children, Raymond, Loretta and Florence. Contact: Wayne Stewart,  5055 21-Ave. North, St. Petersburg, Florida 33710



William Ashley


posted 18 Jul 1998
I am seeking any information regarding my grandfather and all relatives. Raymond  ALTENBURG b. 7 Jan 1899 in Owosso, Michigan, d. July 1964 in Higgins Lake, Roscommon, Michigan , SS# 367-20-4157. Resided at 48653 Higgins Lake, perhaps with a brother Alvin ALTENBURG b. 12 Sep 1901, d. May 1967. Parents: Rubin "Leo" ALTENBURG and sp. Katherine BERGMAN. Raymond married my grandmother Florence JOHNSTONE, 21 Feb early 1900's and had three children, Raymond, Loretta and Florence. Contact: Wayne Stewart, 5055 21-Ave. North, St. Petersburg, Florida 33710lliam ASHLEY, grandson of William ASHLEY of Roscommon County, MI. He owned a small chain of dry goods stores in Houghton Lake, Remus, Everett, and Scottville. He died around 1966. Both he and my grandmother are burried at Hougton Lake. He had 3 sons, Warren, Vern, and Butch(?) Any information regarding William and Ethel ASHLEY would be greatly appreciated.




Margaret Glee Blanchard BROWN, was born on October 28, 1896, in Roscommon County. I have quite a bit of information about her, and she used to tell me stories about life in Roscommon back then. I am searching for information about her husband, Guy E. BROWN, born in Lake Cty in 1897. Margaret Blanchard BROWN died in Salem West Virginia in the
1980's. If anyone is interested, please email me. Thank you.



Don Bryant


Looking for anyone with information on Harry F. BRYANT or relatives. He was born Benzie County, 1899, died in Ohio December 6, 1978 and is buried in Roscommon Township Cemetery near Houghton Lake. He may have lived in the area about 1936, as a son (William, died young) was born in Nellsville about that time. A MEREDITH family may have been associated as this
was his mother's surname. Any information concerning marriages or relatives is appreciated. Don Bryant



Cathy Palm


posted 10 May 1998 Researching CAMERON and MCCREA families found in the 1880 Census for Roscommon County: CAMERON, Duncan, W⁄M⁄52, Husband; CAMERON, Ellen, W⁄F⁄45, wife; CAMERON, Edward, W⁄M⁄15,  son; CAMERON, Anna, W⁄F⁄13, daughter; CAMERON, Bruce, W⁄M⁄8, son; CAMERON, Lillian, W⁄F⁄5, daughter; CAMERON, Bridget, W⁄F⁄1, daughter; McCREA, James, W⁄M⁄27, husband; McCREA, Belle, W⁄F⁄25, wife (Daughter of Duncan & Ellen CAMERON); McCREA, James, W⁄M⁄2, child; McCREA, Adelia, W⁄F⁄1, child.


birth: circa 1835, place: Limerick Ireland, death: 1903, place: Roscommon Michigan; their children: 1) Edward M. GIBBONS, birth: Mar 1862 Michigan Death: Apr 1937 Highland Park MI, burial: Mt Hope, Croswell, MI, occupation: Ogemaw County farmer 1903, later St Clair county, spouse: Elizabeth M. EASTON, marriage: circa 1886; 2) Anna Elize GIBBONS, Death: After Mar 1908; Spouse: Edward KIELY living in Roscommon in 1908; 3) Michael W. GIBBONS, Death: After Dec 1921, Occupation: merchant in Roscommon MI, 1903 Roscommon postmaster Oct 7 1913 - Dec 1 1921, Spouse: Vera BLANCHARD; 4) Alice "Dolly" GIBBONS birth: circa 1870 Michigan Death: After 1893, Spouse: Joseph EASTON, Occupation: farmer in Greenwood Twsp St Clair County MI 1903; 5) Marguerite "Maggie" GIBBONS, birth:
10 Aug 1864 MI, death: 16 Sep 1882 MI Burial: Catholic cem on Jeddo Rd, Jeddo MI; 6) Ellen "Ella" GIBBONS, death: after Jun 1894, spouse: James SHARP, of Ogemaw  County MI 1903.



Elaine Brown j


posted 03 Sep 1998 I am researching the VANCE surname and the COLINS surname in Roscommon.


GIBBONS, Joseph & Alice

Amy Paffhausen


I am looking for their obits in Roscommon newspapers would like to exchange info with any of their desc. Joseph GIBBONS, b 12 Jun 1825 in Galway Ireland; d 15 Mar 1908 at dau Anna KIELY's  house Roscommon Michigan, burial: 19 Mar 1908 Blaine MI, occupation: State Senator and farmer, religion: Catholic, came to USA 1845 worked Mobile & Ohio Railroad in Alabama, moved to Blaine, Michigan in 1858, his mother & siblings came circa 1860, 2nd mate on river ship 'Charles Pitcher' in Civil War, in Michigan legislature 1881-2 & 1891-2, had farms in St Clair and Roscommon counties; marriage: 5 May 1855, in New Orleans LA, wife: Alice


Clayton J. Sharrard


posted 19 Feb 1998
Seeking any info on a Dr. Frank GRIFFIN and his wife Lavina (Vina) who were living in Gerrish Twp. in 1900 and were still in Roscommon Co. in 1910. He was b. appx. 05⁄1850 in Mi. and she was b. 06⁄1850 in NY. I'm looking for anything on this family, but especially death or census info. Thanks much.



Linda Tilot


I am searching the family of Albert Alexander GRIFFIN. He was born 1851 in Hilton Ontario, lived in Roscommon as early as 1883, he was appointed post master of Roscommon in May 1889. He was married twice while living in Roscommon, first wife Edna WEED died
in Roscommon, second wife was Gertrude Louise MILLS. Gertrude and Albert moved to Lansing from Roscommon. I have quite a bit of biographical information and photos from his life in Roscommon forward, also on his sibship. Am looking for the death⁄date and place of his
mother Mary Alexander GRIFFIN and his father John GRIFFIN. I would also be interested in any information regarding his involvement in the engineering of the Cut between Higgins Lake and Houghton Lake, or the manufacturing of several minor patents he made during
period in Roscommon. Thanks!



Yvonne Mullaney


posted 24 Aug 1998
On doing a net search on the words "HIGGINS ROSCOMMON", I came across your website with interest. I was wondering whether it has an Irish connection as the dates it was founded tie in with the immigration from Ireland during the famine in the 1840s. My maiden name is HIGGINS and I am from County Roscommon in the West of Ireland where my parents and most of my immediate family still live. It would be fascinating to establish whether there is a family connection with the first settlers in Roscommon and whether any HIGGINS still exist. Many thanks for your help.


Lorelle Howe


posted 23 Jan 1998
Searching for information on a George Benjamin and Sarah Jane (HOBBS) HOWE. They lived in Roscommon County in 1920. George may have used his middle name of Benjamin. He died in Roscommon County in 1925. Also, looking for information on his son Willard HOWE who lived in Roscommon County. Any help would be appreciated. Also, would anyone know who might have the old F. L. Robins and Sons mortuary records, or maybe an old address.



Mike Shaw


posted 17 Aug 1998
Looking for info on James HYSLOP, who was originally from St Clair but was a logger in Roscommon Co. Also wanted to know about a place name, Mookey, MI, as listed in a WWI draft registration, most likely in Roscommon or St. Clair Co. Cannot find reference to it anywhere. Thanks.



Michael T. LaBean


posted 02 Jan 1998
My father Michael Samuel LA BEAN lived in Roscommon for over 20 years and was married to Audrey LA BEAN for 21 years before he was re-married to Elaine LA BEAN. He died in his Roscommon home after fighting cancer for 6 months. I'm his son Michael Thomas LA BEAN
and would appreciate it greatly if anyone with any newspaper articles or anyone with any kind of information about him would please e-mail me back.



Gail Cartee


posted 11 Oct 1997
I would like very much to have information on James Albert LADOUCER and Mary Alice CAREY, who lived in Roscommon from 1880 to possibly 1890 or later. James Victor LADOUCER was born there in 1881 or 1883. The family moved to Duluth, Minnesota before 1900. Any
information on this family would be greatly appreciated. This is a major roadblock for me. Please help if you can. I am in Texas, so it is hard to do research on Michigan.


John Lafferty


posted 23 Dec 1997
Hello, my name is John Lafferty and I would like some info on my Great-grandfather John LAFFERTY. I recently got some info on him, but not enough, if you could please send me some. He would have been born about 1890-1910. thanks.



Tony Olkowski



posted 09 Feb 1998
Looking for any information on Charles LYON who was born in Sweden around 1850. Charlie came to Roscommon in the late 1880's. He was married to Prudence DOONAN in 1884 and they eventually moved to a large farm house on the west shore of Higgins Lake in the area now known as Lyon Manor. Their house became the Lyon Manor Hotel and it operated until Prudence's death in 1913. Charles died in Jamestown, NY in 1931. Some relatives from New York include: Christine BENSON, Anna EGGLESTON, and Minnie WIMMERMARK. Relatives from Sweden include: Johanna KARLSON and Helena JOHNSSON. Any information on the LYON family or the Lyon Manor Hotel and the surrounding area will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



Arlettia Fyfe


My grandfather, Ernest Loy GROUT⁄MATTHEWS was born in Roscommon on July 15, 1877. Ernest was the son of Frank MATTHEWS and Emma BALDWIN. Frank MATTHEWS married Ella May MILLS following the death of Emma. Ernest was latter adopted by George and Martha GROUT, who were Ella May MILLS maternal aunt and uncle. If anyone has any information on Frank MATTHEWS or Emma BALDWIN or Ella May MILLS I'd really like to hear from you.



Linda Francisco


Penn Yan, NY.
Searching information relative to James J. NEWTON b. c. 1818 in Big Flats, NY. m. Rachael RANDALL c. 1843. They had ten children. He lived in Michigan a short time working in the lumber industry, I believe. It is said he died sometime between 1880-1888 in Michigan-believe to be Roscommon area. Any information appreciated.


Kim Parker


PARKER, Peter Thomas, b. 8 Dec.1880 to Thomas PARKER and Nancy Jane PHILLIPS m. Myrtle Viola BLAISDELL 5 July 1921 in Roscommon, MI. Any Info as to how long they lived there and when they left for Newberry, MI. Thank You, Brenda L. PARKER, Coldwater,MI


Pam Barckholtz


posted 24 Jan 1998
Seeking information about the marriage of Evaline Ollie RAWLINS to a Dr. HOUGHTON in Roscommon. They had a child, Ruth M. in 1901 in Roscommon and were apparently divorced soon after. Evaline RAWLINS is the daughter of William RAWLINS and Dora RUSSELL.
Any information appreciated.


Judi Cook


I am searching for the family of Phillip SCOWN. He was born in England about 1841 and immigrated to Canada around 1852 with his family. The 1871 Canadian Census shows him living in Ontario, Canada with his wife, Mary, and children, Elizabeth, William, Anna, Edmond, and Ellen. The last known residence for Phillip was Roscommon County, MI in 1915 from an affadavit that he signed.


Virginia Frisone


posted 09 Jun 1998
Hello, I am searching for information on Ralph Floyd TILTON who died in Houghton Lake May 30 1989. He moved from Todd Co., MN. I am searching for his widowed mother. Her name was Carrie Mae (WINSOR) TILTON. Her late husband was Rolden J. TILTON who died
in 1924 in MN. They were there in 1926 but have no trace after that. Should I write to the County Clerk to see if there is a record of her death? Carrie and Rolden were my g.grandparents and I am doing a family research. If I know the date and whereabouts of her death I am hoping to find an obit that would also give me some information. Thanks.



Mary & D. Kinch


posted 11 Jan 1998
Hello, We are wondering if there is any evidence of a George VAN ANTWERP who married a Lida RANDALL about June 26, 1889 in Roscommon Co. Michigan. We would appreciate any news about them that you might find. Thank you for your time and consideration. We seem to be having a difficult time establishing their residence, but have learned they married there.


Celia (Wilse)Staubauch Freese


posted 20 Aug 1998
My Great-Grandfather Martin H. WILSIE (variations WILLSIE ⁄ WILLSEY ⁄ WILTSE, etc.) had property on the southwest corner of Houghton Lake in 1900s .. 1907 or 1908, which is listed in Liber 17, page 2. as located on section 13, Twn 22, Range 4, Lot 1, SW 1⁄4 of NW 1⁄4. I seek information from section 14, Roscommon Town Cemetery on the four Willsey lots to complete my geanealogy. He was married to his second wife Mary EYANDAHL some 4 short years in his elder years. Is there a cemetery transcript? I seek information on the road name that separates his former property from the cemetery or the address of the cemetery location. I would love to have the Willsey obituary data
in my genealogy for Martin H. WILSIE, 1912.


Sharon K. Merren


posted 17 Jan 1998
I am trying to locate the Lake Township death record or listing for a Sherman WILSON. Sherman's wife was listed on the 1920 Census: Lake Twp., Roscommon Co., MI as widow. Sherman was alive in 1910. He and his family were living at the Michelson logging camp at the time Sherman had died. My grandmother was born at the Michelson logging camp in Lake Twp., Roscommon Co., MI. in 1919. I believe the logging camp was owned by a Nels MICHELSON. I am not sure but Sherman may have went by the name of Shorty WILSON. Sherman was my G.G. Grandfather. Any information on him would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank-You and God Bless!!! Sincerely, Sharon K. Merren







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