Revolutionary War - Rejected Pension Applications

Following is a list of men who applied for Revolutionary War pension or bounty land grant for their service but were rejected. 
Soldier's Name Residence Reason for Rejection
Burbank, Benjamin   For proof of service from the Massachusetts rolls.
Covert, Tunis D. Milford Six months service not established.
Gregory, Samuel   Six months service not established.
Knowlton, Christopher   Not six months' service pending the revolution.
Loomis, Benjamin   Under age--no proof of service.
Royal, Elsie, widow of John Farmington For further proof of marriage and service.
Terry, Eleanor, widow of William Pontiac Twp For proof of the marriage.
Wellman, Zadoc   For proof from the Connecticut records.
Wheadon, John Milford Six months service not established.

Source: Rejected or Suspended Applications for Revolutionary War Pensions. Washington, D.C.: n.p., 1852.  (Originally published in 1838; expanded and republished 1852.)

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