William Aitcheson

William Aitcheson, M. D., a successful physician and business man of Ortonville, was born in Paris, Canada, April 18, 1846. His father, William, was born in Scotland, and came to Canada in 1840. He followed the trade of a tailor until about 1850, and then began farming. He is now a man of seventy years, and resides at Seaforth, Canada. His wife, Jane, was born near the city of Glasgow, Scotland, and died in 1884. They were both earnest and consistent members of the Presbyterian Church, and were the parents of three children.

Dr. Aitcheson was the only son of his parents. He received a common-school education, and in 1867 entered the Collegiate Institute in Galt, Ontario. He spent two years in this school working his way by his unaided efforts. In 1869 he matriculated in tie university at Toronto. Before taking this step he had taught for some five years, and he continued later to teach. In 1871 he entered the medical department of the Michigan University at Ann Arbor, and graduated from there in 1873.

Ortonville was the spot which the young Doctor chose as his field of labors, and he has remained there almost continually since he took his diploma. He has built up an extensive and lucrative practice and has made for himself a splendid reputation. Some unusually difficult cases in surgery which he conducted successfully have added materially to to his repute. His marriage in 1875 to Isabel Murdie, was an event of great importance in the life of the young man. This lady was born in Seaforth, Canada in 1854, and is the daughter of Andrew and Mary Murdie, both natives of Scotland, who came to Canada about the year 1840. The mother is still living, but the father ended his days in 1890.

Dr. Aitcheson was independent in politics up to 1844, but since that time has been an earnest Prohibitionists, and takes an active part in political movements. In 1888 he was a candidate for County Clerk. For sixteen years he has been identified with the Masonic order, and is a member of the Knights of the Maccabees. His wife is active in the Methodist Episcopal Church. During the past nine years the Doctor has had considerable dealings in real estate in Tuscola County, handling farms mainly. When he came to Ortonville, his purse and his assets amounted to $2.50, and his success in life has been great as he has risen by his own unaided efforts.

Source: Portrait and Biographical Album of Oakland County, Michigan.  Chicago: Chapman Bros., 1891.

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