Thomas Mabley

The subject of the present sketch, Honorable Thomas Mabley, the mayor of the city of Pontiac, is one of the self-made business men of Michigan. He was born in Cornwall, England, April 18, 1834, and with his father, William Mabley, and brothers came to Toronto, Canada, in 1847.  When he was fourteen years old he entered the mercantile house of his father and brothers, which was known as the firm of Mabley & Sons, where he remained until 1858, when he went to Milwaukee and engaged in business for a year, and thence removed to Detroit, where he remained about the same time. From that time until July 15, 1868, he was in business in Coldwater and Elkhart. At the last named date he came to Pontiac, whither he had been preceded in 1859 by his father and brother, C. R. Mabley, and engaged in general merchandising, and subsequently changed to clothing, in which the four brothers are at present heavily engaged in Detroit, Toledo, Jackson, and Pontiac. For several years the father and sons (after Thomas was sixteen years of age) were interested jointly in the various places. of business; but at present the sons are conducting their own separate interests.

Mr. Mabley was united in marriage in 1864 to Eleanor Mary Hull, of Cobourg, Canada, by whom five children have been born to him,--three boys and two girls.
In politics he is a Democrat, and was elected to his present position as mayor in the spring of 1877.  He is an attendant on Zion (Episcopal) church, of which society he is one of the vestry. Mrs. Mabley is a communicant of the same church.

Mr. Mabley is classed among the highly successful merchants of the country, and has been thoroughly trained and educated to his business, to which he gives his personal and undivided attention. A man progressive and public spirited, ever responsive to the just demands of society, he carries with him in his daily life the esteem and respect of his fellow-citizens.
Source:  History of Oakland County, Michigan by Durant, Samuel W. Philadelphia: L. H. Everts & co., 1877.
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