Village Plat
A plat of the village was made in October, 1841, by H. J. Goodale, for which the council allowed him eighty-six dollars.
ADDITIONS AND SUBDIVISIONS.  The original village plat of Pontiac was laid out probably late in the year 1818, by Colonel Stephen Mack, for the "Pontiac Company," and included the southeast quarter of section 29, in town 3 north, range 10 east.
The town has had additions almost innumerable, all of which are not on record. Following are the recorded additions and subdivisions according to the deed books in the register's office:
1835.—George M. Williams' subdivision.
1836. —Darrow and Peck's subdivision.
1838.—Dr. O. Chamberlin and G. O. Whittemore's addition; Henry Howard's subdivision. 1839.—Trustee's subdivision of outlot No. 9, northwest quarter section 28.
1841.—Oak Hill cemetery laid out in June.
1842.—Schuyler Hodges' subdivision in October; Solomon Close's subdivision; Solomon Close's subdivision.
1843.—Benjamin Mercer's subdivision, June 12.
1844.—Samuel Chamberlin's subdivision, May 4.
1845.—Nelson P. Stewart's subdivision; Schuyler Hodges' subdivision.
1846.—Wm. Thomas' subdivision; northern addition.
1847.—Chester W. Tuthill's subdivision, July 12.
1854. —John M. Crawford's subdivision, May.
1857.—Oscar F. North's addition, September 9; William D. Tompkinson's subdivision, September 7.
1858.—Oscar F. North's subdivision, January 27.
1859.—Asahel W. Parkhurst's subdivision, April 1. 1860.—Oscar F. North's subdivision, August 31. CITY.
1865.—Maria Pound's subdivision, December; George A. Hoyt's subdivision. 1866. —A. C. Baldwin's subdivision, August 23; Eliza, Florence M. M., and Marvin J. Close's addition, September 6; Horace C. Thurber's subdivision, April 23; Clark Beardsley's subdivision, April 4. Servetus Dart and Samuel Brotherton's subdivision; Henry Prall's subdivision.
1867.—M. J. Close's subdivision, October 9; Wm. H. Osmun's subdivision; Roger A. Sprague's subdivision; William Hagan's addition, May; Mrs. E. Brainard's subdivision, August 12.
1868.—Conrad S. Taylor and Simon Stowell's addition, November 16; Junius Ten Eyck's subdivision, October 15.
1869.- Alexander Kent's addition; Byron G. Stout's addition; Michael E. Crofoot's addition; Charles Pither's subdivision.
1869.—J. C. Goodsell's addition; Elkanah B. Comstock and Elizabeth E. Paddack's addition.
1871.—Stephen Baldwin's addition.
1874.—Addition by Walter Sanderson and Cyrus Johnston, of Detroit, August. Besides these there have been several additions made but neither names nor dates are given on the record or on the plat-book. The built-up portions of the city are principally on sections 28, 29, 32, and 33, with small suburbs on 30 and 31.
 Source:  History of Oakland County, Michigan by Durant, Samuel W. Philadelphia: L. H. Everts & co., 1877.
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