Marriage Records
Marriage Record of Albert A. Hammond & Libbie Lessiter

This Certifies that the Rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated between Albert A. Hammond of Independence and Libbie Lessiter of Orion on October 30, 1872 at John Lessiter's by Rev. W. H. Serviss. Witness: Abraham Hart.
Certificate of Marriage
State of Michigan
Oakland County
I CERTIFY that on the 30th day of October A.D., 1872 at Orion in the County aforesaid, I, W. N. Serviss, Clergyman, joined in MARRIAGE, Albert A. Hammond of Independence, in the State of Michigan aged Twentyfive years, born in Independence by occupation a farmer, and Libbie Lessiter of Orion in the State of Michigan aged Seventeen years born in Orion; that the parties did then and there solomnly declare that they took each other as HUSBAND AND WIFE, and that there were present as Witnessess J. F. Lessiter of Orion and Abraham Hart of Orion.
Dated at Orion this 30th day of October A.D. one thousand eight hundred and seventy two.
Rev. W. H. Serviss

Source Information: Typescript of genealogical data found inside Albert A. Hammond and Libbie Lessiter Bible. Note: This Bible was published by the National Publishing Co., Philadelphia, Pa., Chicago, Ill., St. Louis, Mo., & Dayton, Ohio, 1879. Inscription on Title page, "Albert A. Hammond, Clarkston, Michigan, April, 1898." The record was copied for General Richardson chapter Daughters of the American Revolution by May Rockwell Howlett (Mrs. E. V.), 1029 James K. Blvd., Pontiac, Mich.

Submitted by Jennifer Koyl (Feb 2007)
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