Pontiac Village & City Histories


Pontiac was the first prominent settlement planted in the interior of Michigan, --the first one located beyond the cordon of tangled forest and dread morass which surrounded Detroit, and which was popularly supposed to be but the vestibule of a vast, uninhabitable wilderness, whose lands were barren, and where nothing but wild beasts, migratory birds, and venomous reptiles were ever destined to find an abode,--an unknown.
History of Oakland County, Michigan, 1877.

Following is a table of contents for the history of Pontiac Village and City, broken down into decades and individual subjects.  (The subject of Pontiac Township is in another section of this site.)

1810s - initial survey, earliest settlers, etc.

1820s - dividing the initial patent, early settlers, Indians, more

1830s - settlers, business and life in Pontiac during the '30s

1840s - settlers, business and life in Pontiac during the '40s

1850s - a glimpse of Pontiac life in the 1850s

1860s - town business conducted in the 1860s

1870s - with a brief description of Pontiac in 1877

Business and Industry



City Civil Positions (primarily elected) - lots of names here

Early Reminiscences

Education, with a list of high school graduates

Fire Department with a link to the fire of 1840

Land Deeds

Pioneer's Experiences

The Post Office with a list of postmasters

Social Clubs

Village Plat


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