War with Mexico

During the war with the Mexican republic Michigan furnished one volunteer regiment of infantry, under command of Colonel Thomas W. Stockton, and one independent company of cavalry, raised at Detroit by Captain A. T. McReynolds. There were also three companies recruited in the State for the Fifteenth Regular Infantry, United States army, to wit: Company A, Captain Samuel E. Beach, recruited at Pontiac; Company C, Captain Isaac D. Toll, at present a prominent citizen of St. Joseph county; and Company G, Captain Winans, raised in Monroe county. A historical sketch and complete roll of Captain Beach's company will be found in the military record of the county.

Muster Roll of Company A, Fifteenth Regiment United States Infantry,which served in the Mexican War in the years 1847 and 1848. Mustered out of the service July 30, 1848.

Thornton F. Brodhead, captain
Wm. R. Stafford, 1st lieutenant
Eugene Van de Venter, captain, promoted to major Thirteenth Infantry, December 22, 1847
Wm. S. Tannyhill, 1st lieutenant
Samuel E. Beach, 2d lieutenant, breveted for meritorious conduct at Contreras and Churubusco; promoted 1st lieutenant, February 28, 1848
Edwin R. Merryfield, 2d lieutenant
Lewyllen Boyle, 2d lieutenant
Charles Peternell, 2d lieutenant; promoted to 1st lieutenant, January 26, 1848
Thomas W. Freelove, 1st lieutenant. Killed in Battle

The following table contains enlisted troops in alphabetical order by surname.

Jacob ----, private; recruit. James B. Healy, corporal; appointed 1st corporal April 22,1847.  Transferred.
Silas S. Abernathy, private.  Discharged. George W. Hewitt, private; musician.  Transferred.
Thomas Ainsley, private, Vera Cruz, July 2, 1847.  Died of sickness. Reuben Hopkins, private.  Transferred.
Sidney F. Alexander, private, general hospital, New Orleans, La, October 30, 1847. Deserted. William B. Hopkinson, private; appointed corporal June 15, 1847.  Transferred.
George Allen, private.  Transferred. Lewis W. Hutton, private.  Discharged.
Reuben Allen, private.  Transferred. Jerome H. Johnson, private.  Transferred.
Robert Anderson, private.  Transferred. David Johnson, private.  Transferred.
Daniel G. Armstrong, private, Cincinnati, May 18, 1847.  Deserted. Evan Jones, private; recruit
John Aseltine, Jr., private, Chapultepec, December 1, 1847.   Died of sickness. Edward Kelley, private, Camp Rio San Juan, June 13, 1847.  Died of sickness.
William Barker, private; recruit.  (deserted at Cleveland, O., July 10, 1847) Jacob Kent, private.  Transferred.
Roswell Bement, private.  Transferred. Wm. R. Koch, private;  battle at Chapultepec, September 17, 1847.  Died of wounds.
Charles Billsby, private.  Transferred. Charles Kreamer, private; recruit (died at Cuernavaca).
Philetus Birch, private.  Discharged. Frederick Kreamer, private; recruit.
Andrew J. Bissell, private.  Transferred. John Lamour, private.  Transferred.
Chas. Bitersby, private.  Transferred. John Leneweber, private; recruit.
Jacob Booth, private.  Discharged. James Leonard, private.  Transferred.
Edward Botsford, private.  Discharged. Oscar O. Lyon, private.  Transferred.
Horace Botsford, private.  Discharged. John McCann, private.  Transferred.
John Botsford, private.  Transferred. Duncan McKenzie, private.  Transferred.
John Braden, private.  Transferred. Horatio McLallen, private.  Transferred.
Henry L. Brannock, private.  Transferred. William A. Mockmoer, private.  Transferred.
Hiram Brown, private, battle of Churubusco, October 26, 1847.  Died of wounds. Joseph M. C. More, private; appointed corporal September 17, 1847 Transferred..
Augustus D. Burdens, sergeant John Myers, sergeant.  Transferred.
Peter Burke, private.  Transferred. Louis Mickey, private; recruit.
Wm. R. Buzzell, private, city of Mexico, October29, 1847.  Died of sickness. Thomas B. Niles, private; recruit.
Charles Calkins, private, Puebla, July 17, 1847.  Died of sickness. Louis Norbury, private; recruit.
Samuel Carney, private, at Churubusco, August 20, 1847 James Oliver, private.  Transferred.
Franklin Cartwright, private. Transferred. Ephraim S. Olmsted, private.  Died at Cuernavaca May 1, 1848.
Lewis G. Clark, private.  Transferred. James O'Neill, private (appointed corporal April 22, 1847).  Transferred.
Cornelius Collins, private; recruit. Nehemiah Phillips, private.  Discharged.
Thomas Crumpler, private.  Supposed dead. James A. Proper, private, Chapultepec, December 9, 1847.  Died of sickness.
Alexander Davis, private.  Transferred. Silas Reynolds, private (left sick at Perote, July 3, 1847; probably dead)
Chandler Delong, private, Puebla, July 28, 1847.  Died of sickness. James M. Rhodes, private.  Transferred.
Charles Delong, private.  Transferred. Henry Clay Rice, private, Vera Cruz, July 2, 1847.  Died of sickness.
Felix Dingman, private.  Transferred. Claudius H. Riggs, private, Vera Cruz, July 12, 1847.  Died of sickness.
Horatio Dix, private; recruit.  (deserted at Cleveland, O., July 14, 1847) Charles Ruby, private.  Transferred.
Wm. H. Doyle, private.  Discharged. Quincy A. Scott, corporal.  Transferred.
Brunson Drake, private.  Discharged. George Scudder, private, Chapultepec, December 8, 1847.  Died of sickness.
Henry Errage, private; recruit. Thomas Shortal, private.  Transferred.
Isaiah Foot, private.  Transferred. Thomas Smith, private
Samuel Fry, private; recruit. Gustavus Stebbins, private.  Transferred.
Dow K. Fuller, private; appointed corporal November 8, 1847.  Transferred. Jacob Strobe, private, Perote, September 20, 1847. Died of sickness.
Joseph Gaetz, 1st sergeant.  Transferred. Alvah Taylor, private (died on Mississippi River, July 12, 1848)
Matthias Gasson, private; recruit. Sherman Terrill, private (died at Puebla, October 18, 1847)
Michael Gordon, private.  Transferred. George Warner, private (died at Covington, Ky.)
Andrew J. Griffin, private, Perote, August 20, 1847.  Died of sickness. John West, private.  Transferred.
Nathan D. Haines, private, Perote, July 15, 1847. Died of sickness. Cornelius Westerfield, private.  Transferred.
Johannes Hall, private; recruit (died at Cuernavaca). Milo Whitbeck, private (died in Gulf of Mexico on his way home)
George W. Hanchett, private.  Transferred. Wallis W. Wood, private.  Transferred.
Robert Handa, private.  Supposed dead. Ralph Wright, Jr., sergeant (died January 16, 1848, at Molino del Rey)
John Haviland, private;  Killed in battle at Chapultepec, September 13, 1847. Henry Wydner, private, battle of Churubusco, August 28, 1847. Died of Sickness.

Of this list forty-five, including himself, were enlisted by Lieutenant Samuel E. Beach in Pontiac. The remainder were enlisted in various places in Michigan and other States. Most of the men were enlisted in March and April, 1847. A number of recruits joined the company at different periods subsequently. Captain Eugene Van de Venter was the first commander, afterwards promoted to major.


Source:  History of Oakland County, Michigan by Durant, Samuel W. Philadelphia: L. H. Everts & co., 1877.

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