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I've been trying for over 10 years to prove who are the parents of Thomas Jefferson Wheeler and his wife, Irvilla Gates.
Thomas was born in 1809; we think in Steuben County, New York. He moved to Oakland County, Michigan in the 1830s. While we find him and Irvilla in Censuses and land records, and their marriage in Oakland County, we cannot find their parents.
We think Thomas Jefferson may be the son of Jonas Wheeler and Jane Coburn but cannot get positive proof. Thomas J. is an heir in Jonas' will but it does not specify that Thomas is Jonas' son. And, we find no other records or info to support this.
We think Irvilla Gates (think she was b. 1820 in Ontario County, NY) may have been the daughter of Parley W. C. Gates, but find no records to prove this. Parley lived (records show Parley in Michigan as early as 1835) and died in Michigan. The 1850 Census shows Parley W.C. Gates in Lansing, Ingham, Michigan with wife Betsey, and six children.
Livingston County, Michigan Cemetery Index Page, Old Kensington Cemetery – East Edge of Green Oak Township,  from website livgenmi.com⁄oldkenscemindex.htm lists F. W. (P.W.) Gates death Feb. 8, 1852, Age 53. This is no doubt Parley W.C. Gates. From other records, we know he lived in Kensington, Michigan in this time frame. Another indication that this is Parley is that this Cemetery List also lists Betsey Gates, death May 15, 1866, Age 66, Wife of F.W.
Thomas J. (d. 16 Mar 1887) and Irvilla (d. 01 Mar 1884) both died in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
We would greatly appreciate any help on any phase of their lives and possible connections.
Marion Brown
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