Julius F Rundel
Julius F. Rundel, who was formerly engaged in farming and stock-raising, is now located in Birmingham and dealing in real estate. He owns some of the most desirable property in the town and handles other lands. He lived on his farm until the spring of 1890, when he moved into Birmingham and built the fine residence he now occupies. He still owns outlying property two miles west of Bloomfield, where two hundred acres are devoted to stock-raising. Blooded sheep and horses are the most conspicuous animals there and Mr. Rundel derives a good income from their sale. He also buys wool. He imports Shropshire sheep from England.

Warren and Emily E. (Button) Rundel, natives of Massachusetts, removed to Connecticut, thence to Pennsylvania and thence to this State, making their final home in West Bloomfield, this county. The husband took up a tract of wild land, from which he removed the forest growth, and on which he tilled the soil until his death. He was a hardworking man and gave all his attention to agricultural pursuits and the care of his large family. He was liberal toward his family, and as his children grew up and married, he helped them to start in life, and so was in but moderate circumstances when he died. He owned eighty acres of land.

The gentleman whose name introduces these paragraphs was born on the homestead in West Bloomfield Township, January 26, 1844, and is the youngest of the seven surviving children in a family of nine. The others are-Myron, Cynthia, Levi, Chester, Halsie and Louisa. He was reared on the farm and received a common-school education and acquired a thorough knowledge of agricultural affairs, in which he assisted his father during the intervals of study and after his course was finished. He did not start out for himself until he was of age, but he then entered into the stock business, which he followed about twenty years. He had a small capital but he has exercised good judgment and been a careful manager and thus gained a competency. In the stock business and in speculating he has made his money. Like his father before him he votes the Republican ticket. He does not care for public honors and the only official station he has held was that of Supervisor, in which capacity he served one term. His shrewdness and foresight are acknowledged by those with whom he has dealings, and his faith in the future of this section is thoroughly well understood.

The lady who presides over the beautiful home of Mr. Rundel, became his wife December 27, 1865, prior to which time she was known as Miss Julia C. Adams. She was born in Southfield, to Reuben and Emily (Miller) Adams, who are natives of New York and Connecticut respectively. Mr. and Mrs. Rundel have two children, a son and daughter. Morgan W. is living in Bloomfield Township on his father's homestead, being happily married to Miss Matilda Thurlby. Estella E., a well-bred and educated young lady, is a graduate of the Birmingham High School, and is still at home with her parents.
Source: Portrait and Biographical Album of Oakland County, Michigan.  Chicago: Chapman Bros., 1891.

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