Montmorency County History
Montmorency county was founded April 1, 1840. It was first named "Cheonoquet" after a well known Chippewa Chief, whose name meant Big Cloud. The present name was adopted in 1843 after Count Morenci, who aided the colonies in the American Revolution. The County was formed in 1881 and the land area was taken from Cheboygan and Alpena County. Three townships were divided: Briley, Montmorency and Rust. By 1901 Albert, Hillman, and Wheatfield were added.

The first county seat was first called Brush Creek, later to be known as Hillman and in 1891 the county seat was moved to Atlanta. Other towns in the county include Lewiston.
Montmorency County is bordered by:
Montmorency is currently composed of 12 townships;
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