1903 Platt Book

Babcock, G. M. Postmaster Village of Atlanta  
Cohen, J. Dealer of General Merchandise Village of Atlanta  
Cameron, Foster Dealer of General Merchandise & Drugs Village of Atlanta  
Kincaid, Robert Register of Deeds and County Clerk Village of Atlanta  
Ostrander, L. W. Attorney at Law and Justice of the Peace Village of Atlanta  
Wilson, Geo. S. Prosecuting Attorney Village of Atlanta  
Frank, Herman Farmer Albert 4
Hall, Charles W. Farmer Albert 9
O'Donnell, Patrick Farmer Albert 15
Paul, John R. Farmer Albert 2
Webster, Chester A. Farmer Albert 15
Beltz, Moses Farmer Briley 18
Chase, Norman Farmer Briley 15
Chamberlain, E. Farmer Briley 4
Cunningham, Joseph Farmer Briley 3
Decker, L. H. Farmer Briley 7
Henry, J. T. Farmer Briley 24
Jackson, Adam Farmer Briley 15
Kingsland, Geo. Superintendent of County Poor Farm Briley 15
McClenathen, Geo. Farmer Briley 10
McKenzie, Alex Farmer Briley 17
Manier, Byron Farmer Briley 17
Mourey, O. J. Farmer Briley 15
Manly, Otto Farmer Briley 15
Marlatt, George S. Farmer Briley 7
Meyer, Hans, F. Blacksmith & Wagon Maker, Repairing a speciality Briley 7
Monroe, A. P. Farmer Briley 7
Remington, James Farmer Briley 8
Rice, C. A. Farmer Briley 9
Rice, W. D. Farmer and School Teacher Briley 7
Rogers, J. D. Farmer and Postmaster Briley 8
Shook, Warren Farmer Briley 4
Spiess, Henry Farmer Briley 32
Stone, Harry Agent for Nursery Stock Briley  
Thornton, Augustus Farmer Briley 31
Upton, Chas. W. Farmer Briley 4
Valentine, Jr., A. B. Farmer & Surveyor Briley 31
Valentine, Sr., A. B. Farmer & Surveyor Briley 31
Connor, H. A. Dealer in Groceries and Merchandise Village of Hillman  
Davidson, Louis Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes, Clothing, Hats and Caps, Notions, Millinery, Furniture, Etc. Village of Hillman  
Hanson, Andrew Proprietor of the Hillman Roller Mills Village of Hillman  
Holmes, John A. Proprietor of the Commercial Hotel. First-class accommodations. Village of Hillman  
Hunt, Wm. A. Dealer in choice wines, Liquors, and Cigars, Real Estate and timber Village of Hillman  
Hansen, Hans Miller Village of Hillman  
McIntyre, John Engineer Village of Hillman  
McQueen, Will J. Editor and Publisher of the "Hillman Herald" Village of Hillman  
Mathews, R. T. Telephone exchange, Dealer in Hardware, paints, oils, agricultural implements, groceries and provisions. Village of Hillman  
Mendelson, A. Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes, Clothing, etc; also Postmaster Village of Hillman  
Monzo, H. F. Dealer in Groceries, Fresh, Salt and Smoked Meats Village of Hillman  
Murphy, W. W. Dealer in Drugs.  Supervisor Village of Hillman  
Naylor, E. H. Dealer in Farming, Implements and Wind Mills Village of Hillman  
O'Farrell, C. Proprietor of the New Hillman House and Sample Room Village of Hillman  
Stanlake, F. T. Dealer in Dry Goods, Grocereis, Notions and General Merchandise Village of Hillman  
Wing & Bates Dealers in Heavy and Shelf Hardware, Farming Implements, Tools, Paints, Oils, etc. Village of Hillman  
Wiltse, Chas. H. Farmer and Dealer in Agricultural Implements Village of Hillman  
Wixon, Lewis J. Livery, Rates reasonable. Funerals and wedding parties promptly attended.  Light and heavy drawing Village of Hillman  
Allen, Thomas Farmer Hillman 12
Atkinson, T. P. Farmer Hillman 34
Berk, Frank Farmer Hillman 30
Cameron, Edward Farmer and lumberman Hillman 8
Cameron, James Farmer and Dealer in Lumber and Timber Lands Hillman 9
Edwards, Robert Farmer Hillman 4
Edwards, John Farmer Hillman 5
Forest, John Farmer Hillman 2
Ferguson, Israel Farmer Hillman 10
Fensom, James Lumber Manufacturer and Jobber Hillman 20
Gearque, Lewis Stock raising and Real Estate Dealer, Proprietor of Twin Lakes Stock Farm Hillman 6
Gohl, John H. Farmer Hillman 26
Heinzman, Wm. Farmer Hillman 16
Hunt, Thos. Farmer Hillman 26
Harwood, Henry Farmer Hillman 26
Hunt, R. J. Farmer Hillman 24
Irons, A. H. Farmer Hillman 16
Jackson, John Farmer and Timber Jobber Hillman 3
Jackson, Chris Farmer Hillman 3
Kenney, James Farmer Hillman 33
Lapoint, Eugene Jobber Hillman 14
Lester, Jeff Farmer Hillman 1
Lyon, John Farmer Hillman 4
McMurphy, J. D. Farmer Hillman 16
Perry, Joseph B. Church Steeple and Tower Painter Hillman 3
Portwood, A. J. Farmer and Carpenter Hillman 24
Pettinger, Cornelius Farmer Hillman 32
Rea, Robert Farmer and Dealer in Real Estate Hillman 23
Roop, Elmer Farmer Hillman 23
Seymour, Elizabeth Farmer Hillman 13
Smith, Alonzo Farmer Hillman 7
Wilder, Alfred Farmer Hillman 27
Wiggins, Jonathan Farmer Hillman 34
White, Eugene Farmer Hillman 26
Birss, W. F. Physician and Surgeon Village of Lewiston  
Coushon, Joseph Dealer in Real Estate Village of Lewiston  
Deyarmond, T. H. Dealer in Live Stock Village of Lewiston  
Fuller, H. B. Editor and Proprietor of the "Lewiston Journal" and Postmaster Village of Lewiston  
Hansen, Charles Dispensor of spirituous comfort at the Johnson House Village of Lewiston  
Kitchen, M. W. Proprietor of the Lewiston Hotel, Rates are one dollar per day. Good accommodations Village of Lewiston  
Kneedland, O. S. Dealer in General Merchandise Village of Lewiston  
Lewis, T. E. Dealer in General Merchandise Village of Lewiston  
Lunden, H. Superintendent for Michelson Hanson Lumber Company Village of Lewiston  
McCasey, T. P. Livery, Feed and Sale Stable Village of Lewiston  
Meyers & Lampke Dealers in Clothing, Hats and Caps, Gents' Furnishing Goods, Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes Village of Lewiston  
Moore, E. A. Livery, Sale and Feed Stable; also dealer in Farming implements and buggies Village of Lewiston  
Michigan Home Colony Co. C. Buttles, Presidentl. Farming Lands for sale Village of Lewiston  
Michelson Hanson Lumber Co. Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds of Lumber and General Merchandise Village of Lewiston  
Marshall, A. W. Farmer and Supervisor Village of Lewiston  
Nelson, Martin Dealer in Real Estate and Timber Village of Lewiston  
Stevenson, M. Druggist and Jeweler Village of Lewiston  
Wheeler, S. A. Dealer in Fresh, Salt and Smoked Meats.  Game in Season Village of Lewiston  
Warren, Willard, F. County Treasurer Village of Lewiston  
Wright, Andrew Dealers in Horses and Live stock Village of Lewiston  
Welch, P. J. Dealer in Wines, Liquors and Cigars Village of Lewiston  
Wictum, Peter Proprietor of Johnson House.  Good accommodations Village of Lewiston  
Wilcox, W. D. Farmer and Hunter Village of Lewiston  
Green, James Farmer and Lumberman Montmorency 25
Hubert, James D. Farmer and Raising Nursery Stock.  Agent for the best grades of apple trees. All stock guaranteed Montmorency 36
Shields, Melvin Farmer Montmorency 13
Bauer, Conrad Farmer Rust 28
Banks, E. O. Farmer Rust 35
Carter, William Farmer Rust 32
Cohoon, Silas, S. Farmer Rust 14
Caughlin, Edward Farmer Rust 26
Cohoon, J. H. Saw Mill Owner, Steam Thresher and Farmer Rust 14
High, Geo. E. Farmer Rust 10
Hawley, Wm Farmer Rust 1
Johnston, Joseph Farmer and Timber Jobber Rust 9
Kurtz, Joseh Farmer Rust 3
McQueen, J. H. Farmer and Limber Looker Rust 1
Niergarth, Conrad Farmer Rust 1
Pfeiffer, Geo. Farmer Rust 11
Smith, Andrew Farmer Rust 13
Stewart, Ben Farmer Rust 3
Wilton, George Farmer Rust 27
Briley, A. Farmer Vienna 18
Dickman, Peter Farmer Vienna 7
Double, T. E. Farmer and Supervisor Vienna 20
Evans, E. V. Dealer in General Merchandise and Postmaster Vienna 7
Frank, Wm. Farmer Vienna 32
Gingell, George Farmer and Highway Commissioner Vienna 9
Gibbs, Clyde O. Farmer Vienna 19
Gibbs, C. F. Farmer and Lumberman Vienna 19
Jones, John A. Farmer Vienna 18
McClenaghan, Fred Farmer Vienna 1
McKenzie, Jerrie Farmer Vienna 20
Miller, Albert Farmer Vienna 1
Manier, A. Farmer Vienna 1
Morrow, Andrew Farmer and Lumber Manufacturer Vienna 6
Manier, G. W. Farmer Vienna 1
Proper, James Farmer, Lumber Manufacturer and Thresher Vienna 26
Roby, M. L. Farmer and Lumber Manufacturer Vienna 6
Spencer, S. W. Farmer Vienna 1
Secrist, Joel Farmer Vienna 1
Smith, Eli Farmer Vienna 20
Wallington, Joseph Farmer Vienna 5
Wilson, Milo, W. Farmer and Proprietor of Stage Line between Hetherton and Lewiston Vienna 7
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