Townships & Ghost Towns

Montmorency County 1903 Townships
Montmorency, Vienna, Briley, Hillman, Albert and Rust
Montmorency County Present Towhships
Montmorency, Vienna, Briley, Hillman, Avery, Albert, Loud and Rust.
Ghost Towns
Big Rock (formerly called Remington)- 1917 population 100. Montmorency Twp., 4 and 1⁄2 miles west of Atlanta on M-32. Has congregational Church; daily mail. William Remington, postmaster and general store. Also a meat market, saw mill, and some houses. Named for a huge granite boulder that still remains. The stone has an impression that appears to be a human footprint.
Bonard- listed in 1912 Railroad Atlas on the Au Sable and Northwestern Railway.
Briley- shown on 1899 railroad maps.
Dana- 1917 on the Twin Lakes Branch M.C. R., 24 miles northeast of Grayling. Mail Lewiston.
Godfrey- a postoffice in 1906, 4 1⁄2 miles north of Hillman. 1910 population: 24. Mail Hillman.
Heatherton- Vienna Twp. 12 miles west of Atlanta. A one-time lumbering center. Lemuel Plumley- postmaster, W.S. Coy, railway express agent, 2 sawmills, Peter Beckett and Roby & Marrow; Heatherton House Hotel, N. Willard, proprietor; general store; grocery; Rev. E. Elsey, Presbyterian; and Rev. Tiffney, congregational.
Herrick- 1910 mail Comins.
Idlewild- 1893 maps in southern part of the county.
Kissipie- a postoffice in 1927.
Klein- 1905 a country postoffice, 11 miles southeast of Atlanta. Mail semi-weekly. 1910 R.F.D. Hillman.
Louie's Town- a lumber camp on East Twin Lake in Albert Twp. during the 1870's. Named after Louis Anderson, walking boss for Mr. Hansen, who owned a lumber mill at Gaylord, Anderson pushed the men to get more work and was called, "Hungry Louie". Jensen est. the firs saw mill on the site when it became a village and the name shortened to Lewiston. 1905- Charles Drake, postmaster. 1918- Samuel S. Fuller, postmaster.
Royston- 1918 Montmorency Twp., 7 miles north of Hillman. Alexander, saw mill; Robert McQueen, general store; and Albert Steinke, saw mill.
Rust- Sec. 21
Valentine- Briley Twp., 9 miles north of Atlanta. E. Ewing, postmaster; Macomber & Bale, shingle mill. 1912 mail Atlanta.
Vienna- Vienna Twp., founded in 1887. Most of the property and business places owned by Isaac Furlough. 1893-c. 1913 post office.
Vienna Junction- 1910 mail Lewiston


First Centennial Farm
Donald Cordes Farm, located north of Hillman.
First settler
Western part of the county was Allen Briley. (1878)
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