Hillman Rust Cemetery

To get to this cemetery take M-32 East to Hillman. Turn North (left) on State Street. You will be going through the business district of Hillman. The road will change names about 1 mile out of town to County Road 451, continue about .5 miles farther to County Road 624⁄459. Turn West (left) on 459 and go for 1.5 miles and you will find the cemetery on the South (right) side of the road. Across the road on the curve is the Saint Augustine Catholic Cemetery.
The name and dates were compiled ending in July 2004 from the cemetery records by Ted Compeau who is the sexton of the cemetery. The numbers listed below in front of the names are lot numbers to the map that Ted has made of the cemetery. With the help from Fred and Liz Wark along with Barbara Burns who helped Ted compare his records with the stones at the cemetery are up to date as of the end of July 2004.
According to the records there are occupied in some of the locations that are not able to be identified at this time as to who is buried there. The earliest burial date listed is 1886. Thanks goes to the Cemetery and Township board members along with Ted for letting us record this cemetery and place it on this website.  Any questions you may have can be directed to Ted at  tedcompeau@hotmail.com for verification on this reading or Barbara J. (Feldkamp) Burns at bjlmburns@gmail.com  who took the photo and translated the file for the website.
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