Mineral County Cemeteries

We need your help! Volunteers are needed to transcribe local cemeteries. If you live in the area, can you transcribe a local cemetery? If so, we will post it here and give you credit. Not only will you be preserving a bit of history - but it is fun!

The following cemeteries are in Mineral County. If you know of any others please let the webmaster know so that they can be added to the list. Cathryn Strombo is a local researcher who may have further info on burials in these cemeteries. She is listed on the Lookups page.


Cemetery Name Location
De Borgia Cemetery De Borgia
Fish Creek Cemetery Tarkio
Fold of the Messiah Cemetery also known as Tarkio Cemetery
Nemote Creek Cemetery also known as Tarkio Cemetery
Garcia Family Cemetery aka Fish Creek Cemetery
Keystone Cemetery lost
Quartz Cemetery Lozeau
Potter Family Cemetery Cyr
Saint Regis Cemetery Saint Regis
Thompson Family Cemetery (connected to the Peterson Name also) Alberton
Saltese Cemetery Saltese (abandoned)
Superior Cemetery Superior
Tarkio Cemetery Tarkio
Taft Cemetery lost after 1910 fire



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