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Jean Leblanc AKA John White is my great great Grandfather and I am looking for Descendants still living in the area of Menominee⁄Stephenson⁄Ingalls. I have LeBlanc's dating back to the early 1600's but am looking for more current.
Descendant surnames are as follows:
            Taylor                          Deacon            Collins
            Hartley                         LaFrance                     Johnson
            Tardiff                         Niles                            Hanold (Working with a Hanold now)
            Erickson                      Steinbrecher                Fletcher
            Allgeyer                       Brown                          Zager
I am looking for more pictures of each child of Jean LeBlanc⁄John White and their children and so on. I have a great many pictures.
Please reach out with any information. I'd love to correspond and compare notes. About 10+ years ago I was working with a White Ancestor in the area up there and I had 2 computer crashes in which I lost a great deal of the information..
Thank you,
Stacy Kment
Note: Please refer to Albert Collins, Irvin Deacon, Jean LaBlanc, Agnes LaBlanc Taylor, Marie Agnes Taylor, Elizabeth V. White, Joanna Sarah White, and Buelah Winkler photos in the Historic Photos topic.  
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