The following cemetery information is based on the latest public records available. Addresses and exact locations of the cemeteries are not complete nor detailed. Some of the cemeteries shown have a partial listing of the internments by surname. These listings are not complete nor current.
Anyone viewing this section of this web site that has more up to date information, please submit this information to the contact email on the main page.  
Cedar River Cemetery
Located on County Road 551
Menominee County, MI
Danish Lutheran
Located north of County Road G-12 on Cemetery Road
Stephenson, MI
Holy Rosary Cemetery
Cemetery Lane S2,
Banat, Holmes Township,
Menominee County, MI.
Lost Lake Church Cemetery
Located on County Road G-12,
West of Stephenson, MI
Hannahville Cemetery
(no information available)
Harris Cemetery
(no information available)
Maple Grove Cemetery
located on Oakwood K-3 Road
Nadeua Township
Menominee County, MI
Mellen Township Cemetery
(no information available)
Meyer Township  Cemetery
Hermansville, MI.
Located on Frenchtown Road N-1, Meyer Township.
Oakwood Cemetery
(no information available)
Riverside Cemetery
(no information available)
Spalding Cemetery
(no information available)
Stephenson North Cemetery
Stephenson, MI
Located on the north side of Old 352,
East of Stephenson, Stephenson Township, Menominee County, Michigan.
Swedish Cemetery
(no information available)
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