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Genealogy search: HARKINS
Name: Jean Dickinson
Date Posted: Dec 29, 03 - 3:38 PM
Email: bassistjean@yahoo.com

Message: LESLIE GENE HARKINS Wife: Ada ?
a. worked on RR,fisherman
b. contracted Y.Fever on Florida RR construction
c. died in MI
children: GENE HARKINS

Re: Genealogy search: HARKINS
Name: Janet Pearson
Date Posted: Feb 20, 04 - 5:59 AM

Message: Jean

My name is Janet Pearson and I was wondering if the Leslie Harkins that you are inquiring about is a son of Henry "Hank" Harkins and grandson of John and Maria Harkins. Willim Harkins had a son Leslie too but I dont believe he had any children

I am currently tracing this branch of my family tree and it's been very challenging as my grandfather Melvin Harkins (son of William grandson to Henry) is no longer living. I have a couple contacts on a couple of the Harkins (children of John & Maria) but there were about 7 of them.

How are you releated ? Sorry to say I dont have any helpful info on Leslie but maybe between the two of us we solve some more pieces to the puzzle in this family.

Janet Pearson
Plainwell, MI

Henry Bashford b. 1810 Greene Co, NY & wife Margaret
Name: Annette Campbell Date Posted: Dec 11, 03 - 8:17 AM
Email: anncamp@linkny.com

Message: Looking for the family of Henry & Margaret Brandow Bashford who migrated to Breen, Menominee Co, MI probably in mid 1800's. I have tentatively children Julia and Peter, and for sure Calista b. 1842, Alomas b. 1845 and Willie b. 1858.

Where are these people buried and when did they die and any marriage info would be most appreciated. I would love to contact any living cousins. Margaret Brandow Bashford is an ancestral aunt of mine, the sister of Henry Brandow b. 1808 in Greene Co, NY to Wilhelmus & Sally Sawyer Brandow

Anything on gparents
Name: Rose Hoffman
Date Posted: Nov 20, 03 - 9:15 PM
Email: RARose10@aol.com

Message: My gparents are Max and Rosa(Wolf) Weintraub - lived in Menominee from abt 1891-92 to abt 1896-97 and had Esther in 1893.I have looked for their marriage date either in Menominee or in NYC without success.
On the 1900 Illinois,Cook County,Lemont- stated that they were married for ten years which would be in 1890, but the only manifests that I have found state that they were single and that they came from Austria in 1890 and Romania in 1891(Rosa & Max) which means NYC or in Michigan.
I would like to know when they enter Menominee and when they left.

Descendants of Jesse Hamilton
Name: Alfred Philbrick
Date Posted: Nov 16, 03 - 6:44 AM
Email: agphilbr@bellsouth.net

Message: I am looking for any information on the Family of Jesse Hamilton that was in Menominee in 1870-1880 and his wife was still there in in 1900. He was from Maine. His father was also Jesse who is my GGGr grandfather. Any informatuon would mean a great deal to me.
Alfred Philbrik

Lookup information
Name: Mary Claire Ingenthron
Date Posted: Nov 3, 03 - 10:41 AM
Email: mingenthron@comcast.net

Message: Looking for information on Eric Carlson living in Stevenson, Michigan. His parents were John and Christina Carlson. I believe his family had lived in Wisconsin and perhaps Minnesota. Thank you

Date Posted: Oct 21, 03 - 6:23 AM
Email: dukensue@aol.com

Message: Looking for family of Charles Kramer(son of Frank and Louisa).He was born around 1888.He had a brother,Hoyt,and sisters,Elizabeth( my grandmother)Leona,Lena,Annie and Francis.The family lived in Springwells,MI. and the parents were from Germany.Charles might have lived in Menominee.Thankyou,Susan Patterson(Spring,TX.)

Name: Anne Hayes
Date Posted: Oct 20, 04 - 7:06 AM
Email: haye0177@mrs.umn.edu

Message: I've been doing some work on Kramers in Menominee, MI. I don't believe I have information on your family, but perhaps ours are related somehow. I have a Gustave Kramer who immigrated from Germany. I don't know what date he immigrated, but he was born around 1849. He married a Mary and had a son, Albert, and possibly other children. Do you think our information might be connected?
Anne Hayes

Name: Susan Patterson
Date Posted: Nov 25, 04 - 7:15 AM
Email: dukensue@aol.com

Message: Don't know if Frank Kramer had siblings, but imagine he did all immigrating at the same time.Maybe we are related--Know they settled in Springwells(now Dearborn) in the late 1880's. Frank was a farmer-learned this from my grandmother's(Elizabeth) birth certificate.She was born in 1891.I was adopted in Detroit 4-11-41 so I'm learning more all the time as I search. Many Brick walls though- But I think Charles might have landed in Menomonee because the 1930 Census has a Charles there that was born in 1888-same year as my Charles. Wish we could learn more-HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Susan Patterson(TX.)

Name: Patricia Gee
Date Posted: Nov 27, 04 - 5:30 PM
Email: pmgee@comcast.net

Message: I live in Dearborn, not far from Springwells
Township, and may have some helpful data or research
suggestions for your Kramer family. You may contact
me at pmgee@comcast.net.

Name: Darlene Yasick Date
Posted: Jun 30, 05 - 6:26 PM
Email: lib027yas@sbcglobal.net

Message: My grandfather was Arthur G. Kramer. He was the son of Gustave and Mary ( Hendges) Kramer. They hadsix sons, Albert, William ( married Julia), Frank ( very funny man) Arthur (married Magdalena Bolle) Henry and Joseph. I remember meeting most of my great uncles as a child. I'm not sure if I can be of any more help but I'd be glad to try

Darlene Kallas Yasick

Name: RUTHANN Date Posted: Oct 1, 03 - 8:32 PM


Name: RuthAnn Date
Posted: Apr 19, 05 - 1:01 PM
Email: bulldawgzz@wmconnect.com

Message: Here is an update. Mike Bowers was born as Michael Panzram b.1891 In the 1900 Menominee census (Michigan Street), he is living with his father and mother Loraine(John) and Mary. There were also Bauers children living in the same house listed as boarders,
They appear to be Mary's Children from possibly an earlier marriage. Can anyone give me more info on this family i.e. Mary's death and any other possible info, I sent out for Michael's birth certificate but, it came back as not on record..

Beaudette family from Hermansville Mi
Name: Nancy Rutter
Date Posted: Sep 27, 03 - 7:06 AM
Email: rutternl@aol.com

Message: Hi-I am helping a relative to locate her Beaudette family that moved to Hermansville before 1900 and moved to Marinette in 1906. Her name was Clara Beaudette b. 1885 in Quebec. Her father was Alex Beaudette & mother unknown. We do know she was Catholic. She was married to Edward LeSage in 1906 in Menominee.

Re: Beaudette family from Hermansville Mi
Name: Louis du Cap (Beaudet Family Association)
Date Posted: Dec 26, 04 - 5:41 AM
Email: louis_ducap@cgocable.ca

Message: We are working on it.

Re: Beaudette family from Hermansville Mi
Name: John Boudette
Date Posted: Dec 26, 04 - 6:39 PM
Email: jboud@atlantic.net

Message: Clara was one of six known children of Alexis Beaudet and Josephine Belanger. They were married 28 Feb 1881 in St. Edouard de Lotbiniere, Que. Clara was born in 1885 and married Edouard Lepage 13 Aug 1906 in Menominee, MI.John B.

Albert Bell and Annie Dufresne
Name: Dan Bell
Date Posted: Sep 20, 03 - 2:58 PM
Email: rustler@commspeed.net

Message: I am interested in getting any possible information on my grandparents who were supposedly married in Spalding, Michigan on October 1, 1889. He may have been runnning a boarding house or a hotel at the time,or cooking for a small railroad. His name was Albert Bell and was from Saukville, WI Her name was Annie or Anna Dufresne and her brother reportedly had a blacksmith shop in Oconto. I will be glad to share any information I have if anyone can furnish any details about this time in the families life.
Dan Bell

How to get 1980 obit (Hermansville)?
Name: Susan Thomas
Date Posted: Sep 8, 03 - 6:54 PM
Email: genealogylady@rochester.rr.com
Message: Can anyone tell me the best way to get an obit from Jan 1980 (Hermansville). Specifically, Helen PIPKORN, b. 18 Sep 1904. The local library? genealogy society? historical society?
Susan in Rochester
Re: How to get 1980 obit (Hermansville)?
Name: Jeff Hall Date
Posted: Feb 27, 04 - 6:25 AM
Email: movingtomd@hotmail.com

Message: try the county paper. http:⁄⁄www.eagleherald.com⁄niep0126.htm
They should have archives

pinecrest sanitorium
Name: charlene bartholomew
Date Posted: Sep 8, 03 - 1:17 PM
Email: cdb@wmis.net

Message: Iam looking for a relative,Carl Nestle who was
in a hospital in the UP between 1900 and 1925. If
he was in Pinecrest Sanitorium is there anyway I
can get info? Thank you.
C Bartholomew cdb@wmis.net

Re: pinecrest sanitorium
Name: Jean Davis
Date Posted: Nov 5, 04 - 5:19 AM
Email: bigwindow@consolidated.net

Message: Hi, My mom was in pinecrest for a short time in 1992.
for the years you are interested in Pinecrest was a TB sanitorium. It was turned into a nursing home in later years.
Maybe you should write and ask if they haave a record of the person you are looking for.
Jean Davis

Charles Johnson; Wife Augusta's maiden namd
Name: Corinne Thomas
Date Posted: Aug 28, 03 - 8:54 AM
Email: robrogtnt@cs.com

Message: Charles Johnson was my great grandfather. He was born 7 May 1874 in Sweden.
On October 7, l894 he was married to "Augusta" in
Memominee, Menominee Co., Michigan. His Wife Augusta (Gusta)
was born in Sweden on 28 August l874. I am trying to find out
her maiden name and the name of her parents.

The father of Charles Johnson was Andrew (Andres) Peter Johnson
or Andre Ryman who was born abt 17 Oct l829 (presumably in Sweden) and died
on 17 Oct. l917. Charles' mother was Anna Wallender who
was born 20 Nov. l84l and died on 22 December 1920.

Jordan Seminary - Brother Urban Bruns
Name: Randall J. Slater
Date Posted: Aug 25, 03 - 4:51 PM
Email: RSlater215@aol.com

Message: Looking for information on Melvin Bruns, also known as Brother Urban Bruns. He died at the Jordan Seminary, Menominee, Michigan on Feb. 23, 1951.
I was told that the Jordan Seminary is closed. Is there a way to find old records from there?


Fish family and Passinault family
Name: Ray Fish
Date Posted: Aug 8, 03 - 4:43 PM
Email: RFishnappy@aol.com

Message: I' m looking for info on Peter Fish, born in Canada in 1814 and lived in the Nadeau area. I'm also looking for info on Basile (Basil) Passinault, born in Canada in 1823 and died in Nadeau in 1901.

Lemieux (Lemere) or Quimby Family
Name: B. Earehar
Date Posted: Aug 8, 03 - 9:29 AM
Email: rearehart@comcast.net

Message: Looking for any Lemieux Family still in the Cedar River or surrounding area. My grandmother Exsilda Lemieux (Lemere) lived here back around 1912. She was married to a Guy Quimby and later married my grandfather James Shane. Any information would be appreciated.

Name: sue team
Date Posted: Aug 4, 03 - 10:22 PM
Email: sueteam@bigfoot.com

Message: Looking for descendants and info on any of the Solanders that lived in this county or the surrounding ones that came from Torps or Degerfors in Sweden. some were here and some were in Montana and some ended up in Washington, also searching for some that came and we have no idea where they are. Perhaps you know. Have the family back several generations in sweden, cousins in Sweden and Utah working on that part. Let us know if you know anything about this family or have any information on Anderson, Carlson, Larson, ERickson or Solanders

Name: Log Cabin Gen. Society
Date Posted: Jul 3, 03 - 6:54 AM
Email: ameron@up.net

Message: Joseph Sevaris mar. Katie Sullivan Nadeau Mi. 2⁄2⁄ 1894.

Joseph Sevaris died ca. 1936 Kate died 1917. Seeking info proof of where buried. Not in Nadeau Cemetery tombstone readings. Joseph was born in Humboldt Wisc. Any help would be great.

Re: Sevais
Name: Lawrence H. GRUNERT
Date Posted: Nov 29, 04 - 7:21 PM
Email: LHGRUNERT@aol.com

Message: Hello,Don't know if anyone has returned info to you?Joseph SERVAIS parents were Felix Joseph SERVAIS and Julie Joseph PODORE.Kate SULLIVAN's parents were Michael SULLIVAN and Elizabeth LYNCH. Both deaths of Kate and Joseph are listed in the Catholic Church of St. Bruno's in Nadeau,Mi. I had taken the inscriptions about 5 years ago when researching this part of the family. I am a Grt grt grandson of Felix and Julie SERVAIS. Best wishes Lawrence

Collard, Ella and Joseph
Name: Rod Bunker
Date Posted: Jun 23, 03 - 8:02 PM
Email: bunkzonc@centurytel.net

Message: LOOKING FOr any information about Ella Collard b. 1876 Menominee, MI. Married Philip Bunker October 1897 in Luxemburg or Scarboro, Wi. Ella died in Scarboro, WI, December 31, 1930. Her father's name was Joseph.

Whitens family
Name: Cindy Whitens-Nichols
Date Posted: Jun 18, 03 - 9:39 PM
Email: cinnichols@ameritech.net

Message: Looking for info on my maiden name "Whitens". It is derived from Uittendaele and originated in Belgium. I haven't been able to locate records of when the family first came to the United States. Currently a large population of the family is in Hermansville, where I visit frequently, but no one has any information. Anyone else out there with info????

Korth family in Menominee, MI
Name: dgkuhns
Date Posted: Jun 5, 03 - 10:12 PM
Email: davidgkuhns@yahoo.com

Message: Louise KORTH (NACHTIGAL) of Marinette, Wisconsin, was married in Menominee, Michigan, on September, 1893 to, Karl August NACHTIGAL or NACHTIGALL. Her parents probably lived in Menominee, MI; please check out my web page at www.geocities.com⁄davidgkuhns⁄korth.html and contact me at dgkuhns@yahoo.com or the e-mail above if you have any information. Thank you!

Jokela ⁄ Nickolai
Name: Jodi Beacom
Date Posted: Jun 4, 03 - 2:18 PM
Email: fbeacom@new.rr.com

Message: Looking for living or dead relatives of Arthur Jokela and Mary(Nickolai) Jokela. They lived in Nathan, MI between 1910 and 1930 and had 7 children...Lucila(Lucille)(d. 1983),Esther(d.?),Hugo(d. 1959), Laura(d.1972),Marie d.(?),John,and Eugene. Have possible information on parents of Arthur and Mary, but would like to get more. Let's get in touch and Thanks!!

Friday family
Name: Roberta Friday
Date Posted: May 25, 03 - 8:05 AM
Email: rfriday@m33access.com

Message: I am researching the Friday family- Harry and Flora. Harry worked at the IXL Lumber Co. as a filer. They lived in Meyer Twp. in the 1910 Census, Shewano County WI for the 1929 Census and Menominee City for the 1930 Census. They lived at 234 Bay Shore Rd. in 1930. If anyone has any information about them after that date- especially death info I would appreciate a reply. Thanks.

Menominee Centennial
Name: Terri McGill
Date Posted: May 14, 03 - 12:28 PM
Email: XLibras@aol.com

Message: Pat Gathright was invited to Menominee Centennial (poss. 1963) to be in parade and participate in replica Flag raising at Mt. Suribachi, Iwo Jima. Need date and any newspaper articles or at leas addres of newspaper I could get info from. He welded staff to mount the Flag. G-Uncle of my husband. Thanks for any and all info. Terri

John A Dunham in Daggett 1888
Name: nancy K Docherty
Date Posted: May 7, 03 - 6:31 AM
Email: nandoch@up.net

Message: looking for info and descendants of John A. Dunham in Daggett in 1888

Texas McDonald
Name: Rebecka justice
Date Posted: May 4, 03 - 11:57 PM
Email: beckyj42002@yahoo.com

Message: Does anyone know of Texas McDonald who died in Menominee in 1989? He was my cousin and I am trying to find out more about him.

Re: Texas McDonald
Name: Sharon Kitter Date
Posted: Dec 23, 03 - 4:16 PM
Email: skitter@new.rr.com

Message: Hi. I went to North Central High School in Powers graduated in 1987. There was a Tex McDonald in the class of 1988. I didn't really know him, but you might be able to contact the school if this is the right person. Sorry I can't be of more help. Sharon

moreau family
Name: joe moreau
Date Posted: Apr 27, 03 - 1:20 PM
Email: jhmoreau@aol.com

Message: Looking for grandfathers relatives. Joseph Moreau was born in Menominee before the turn of the century (1900) anyone recognize this name?

Re: moreau family
Name: Veronica Moran
Date Posted: Jan 4, 04 - 8:17 AM
Email: Mjustronnie@wmconnect.com

Message: Hi Joe,
Have you tried Delta County for your surname of Moreau? I saw several listed there. Hope this helps you in your search

Re: moreau family
Name: Barbara Anderson (Surk)
Date Posted: Aug 6, 04 - 10:07 PM
Email: andersoninsurance211@earthlink.net

Message: There was a Joe Moreau in Gladstone,MI in the 1950s. He was a good friend of my father's.

Jean Baptiste Neuville ⁄ Neville
Name: Ron Hager
Date Posted: Apr 22, 03 - 10:31 PM
Email: knotmyline@yahoo.com

Message: Looking for siblings and parents of Jean Baptiste Neuville (sometimes spelled Neville) buried in Stephenson Township Cemetery, Stephenson, Michigan.
I live in Oregon and need someone to check out court and cemetery records.
Thanks Ron

Jean Baptiste Neuville ⁄ Neville
Name: Mary Lanaville
Date Posted: Jan 16, 05 - 7:04 PM
Email: marylanav@juno.com

Message: Hey Ron;
JB also known as JB Lanneuville⁄Lanaville. Contact me direct with what you need or have.

Wilbert Boisvert or Greenwood
Name: Jan Greenwood
Date Posted: Apr 19, 03 - 12:24 PM
Email: Mary$41@aol.com

Message: I am looking for information on Wilbert Boisvert or Greenwood.
He was born somewhere in Canada and moved to the U.S. and lived at Memominee, Michigan. He died somewerhe about 1935 to 1945. He had one son, Walter Greenwood. He had some brothers also. Information I have found shows that some of the Boisverts who came from Canda still used Boisvert but others used the American version "Greenwood".
He is listed at Wilbert Boisvert in the 1930 United Federal Census. I would like any information available. Especially a copy of the obituary that perhaps would list other relatives. I have just been corrected. He died nearer to 1948 in Men.Michigan

St. Onge
Name: Mary Sorenson
Date Posted: Mar 31, 03 - 1:41 PM
Email: msorenson1@wi.rr.com

Message: I am currently researching the St. Onge limb of my family tree. My direct kin is Wilfred St. Onge, who was married to Melvina Beauchamp. I have located Melvina and her children in Iron Mountain MI census 1910 but Wilfred is not mentioned. I have however found an obit in a family bible that lists a Leo and Ivan St. Onge having lived in Menominee. Leo from 2⁄27⁄1889-10⁄1974 Ivan from 12⁄29⁄1908-5⁄1979 These men must someway be related to my Wilfred as the obit was sent along to my grandmother Victoria St. Onge Christy b.1898 d. 1979 Wilfred's daughter.If any one out there has any information on this name I would be very happy to hear from you. Thanks Mary

Re: St. Onge
Name: Cindy Whitens-Nichols
Date Posted: Jun 18, 03 - 9:36 PM
Email: cinnichols@ameritech.net

Message: Check a previous post by Lisa Helgren-Larson. I believe she is also looking for information on the St. Onge family. She doesn't mention it in her post, but you could contact her that way and perhaps share information.

MORAN: Daggett & Holmes Twp.
Name: Kelly Ward
Date Posted: Mar 26, 03 - 6:16 AM
Email: wardfarm@net-link.net

Message: I'm looking for information on the John J. MORAN family, living in Holmes Twp. 1920, Daggett Twp. 1930. Wife, Philomena ("Minnie G."), children: Katherine b. 1904, Phillip M. b. @1906, Francis L. b. @1908, Philomena M. ("Minnie M.") b. @1910, Elizabeth M. b. @1911, Julia L. b. @1914, Daniel J. b. @1917, William T. b. @1922.
Kelly Ward, Schoolcraft, Michigan

Helgren⁄Savord family information
Name: Lisa Helgren-Larson
Date Posted: Mar 25, 03 - 10:12 AM
Email: Lisacst@hotmail.com

Message: I am looking for any information on the Helgren or Savord families. George K Helgren was my Grandpa & Julia Savord Helgren was my Grandma. Thanks in advance.

Zaupa family from Hermsville, Michigan
Name: Louise
Date Posted: Mar 11, 03 - 9:06 PM
Email: nanaslash@hotmail.com

Message: Looks ups please. I am looking for information on the Zaupa Family who lived in Hermansville, Michigan, and the Rossato Family from Crystal Falls, Michigan. My husband's great grand father was Alessio Zaupa from Castel Gomberto, Vicenza, Italy. He arrived on August 6,1905. He went to his brother in laws home, Luige Christana. He had a cousin Guerino Zaupa who came from Cornedo, Italy, destination Alessio's home in Hermansville. Guiseppe from Cornedo on February 4,1905 ; Angelo also. Alessio had several children, Inez, Celia, Marcellina, Joseph, Elena, to name a few. Marcellina was my husbands grandmother. Marcellina married Giovanni Battista Rossato who lived in Crystal Falls, Michigan. Giovanni came her from Italy. According to our certified copy of Marcellina's marriage record it states that her father was Alessio, and her mother was Corltana Antonio. Date of marriage Sept 28,1916, Crystal Falls, Michigan. Giovanni Rossato's father was Antonio Rossato, and his mother was Madalena, both from Italy.

Re: Zaupa family from Hermsville, Michigan
Name: Anonymous
Date Posted: Jun 18, 03 - 9:32 PM

You should also check the ship manifests from Ellis Island. There is a web site that you can view and order the original manifests....I found my Grandfather's name on a ship. Interestingly enough, one of his sisters married a Rossatti, I wonder if it is relative because they all lived in Hermansville after coming to this country from the same area in Italy that you describe.

Re: Zaupa family from Hermsville, Michigan
Name: Cindy Whitens-Nichols
Date Posted: Jun 18, 03 - 9:34 PM
Email: cinnichols@ameritech.net

Sorry, I forgot to put my name on the first post. And by the way, my Grandfather's last name was Faccio, in case you run across it somewhere in your search!

Fred Wachter Family
Name: Elaine Eppick
Date Posted: Mar 11, 03 - 6:50 PM
Email: weppick@olympus.net

Message: FRED WACHTER FAMILY I am searching for descendants of the Fred and Rose (Rosina) WACHTER Family of Nadeau Township, Menominee Co. Michigan. Married about 1882; Possibly three children: George, Sophia and Fred Jr.

Batari or Batary, Kiszely
Name: Veronica Hucker
Date Posted: Mar 9, 03 - 11:01 AM
Email: vhuck@mtco.com

Message: I'm trying to find out what happened to my ancestor, Imre Batari, or the Americanized version, James Batary. He was born in Hungry and came to the U.S. in 1905. I believe he was injured in a mining accident. In the 1930 census he was living on a farm in Mellen Township, Menominee County was his sister and brother in law, Stephen and Juliana Kiszely. I was told that he died in the Talbot Poor Farm and was buried in Stephenson Cemetery without a headstone. The Cemetery has no record of him and I was unable to find a death certificate in either Wisconsin or Michigan. Does anyone have information about him or the Kiszelys?

Lemke birth record from 1886
Name: Arlana Juarez
Date Posted: Mar 7, 03 - 1:21 PM
Email: arlanaj@earthlink.net

Message: I'm looking for the parents of my g-grandfather, George Henry Lemke, born September 12, 1886 in Menominee, Michigan.

Harvey Hoyt- burial
Name: Claudia Schuman
Date Posted: Mar 1, 03 - 7:20 PM
Email: schuman16@att.net

Message: Can someone tell me what cemetery my ancestor might be buried in if he was Baptist? Harvey Hoyt died in Spaulding, Menominee county on March 30, 1895. A death record does not appear to have been issued for him. So, my next resource to verify his date of death would be the cemetery. Any suggestions?? Thank you for any help,

Gagnon, LeClair, Petitclair
Name: Barb Wise
Date Posted: Feb 28, 03 - 6:42 PM
Email: bwise23@yahoo.com

I'm looking for information on my great grandmother Anna Louise LECLAIR FREEMAN. She was born in Wallace, Michigan on 24 April 1877 to Abraham LeClair⁄Petitclair and Louise Jane Gagnon. I beleive that Abraham and Louise are buried somewhere in Menominee County, possible around Wallace. Would anyone have information on the cemeteries in and around Wallace and possible be able to look around for me.
Barb, Lake Villa, IL

Kirby Carpenter Company
Name: Deb Poyda
Date Posted: Feb 23, 03 - 12:52 PM
Email: poyda@taylorelectric.org

Message: I am looking for information on the Kirby Carpenter Company. A great grandfather, Alexander Poyda worked there in the 1860's. He also married in the area in 1872 and I would be interested in whom he married

Look-up request
Name: Laura Riley
Date Posted: Feb 18, 03 - 9:03 AM
Email: laura@rileys-world.com

Message: I am hoping that someone maybe able to help me or direct me to where the information might be obtained. I have been able to find my ancestors on the 1920 census and wanted to find out if they may be buried in one of the cemetery's in or near Ingallston? Menominee ? Michigan at the time of the census they lived in the ED # of 263. The surname of the family I'm looking for is Leszczynski, Head of house was Stanley, his wife Caroline, and there son John.
I hope that someone might be able to help me.

Thank you for your time,
Laura Riley

Name: Lori S.
Date Posted: Feb 8, 03 - 12:50 PM
Email: GLJGK20001@aol.com

Message: Hi, Iam just starting my ROCHON side of the family. If any one can help me it would realy help. My ROCHON'S are from Hermansville, MI. My grandfather was Henry J. Rochon b. 192? m. to Shirley Balthazore. His father was Joesph Rochon m. to Jennifer Aytoe. Lori

Name: Marilyn McQuarrie
Date Posted: Feb 7, 03 - 6:28 PM
Email: MMCQ@juno.com
Message: I am looking for any information on John Henry MCQUARRIE and or his family. Most record show that John was born in Menomonee, Michigan June 19, 1856. He moved to Minneapolis in 1878 where he worked as a skilled carpenter. Altho unofficial records show that he was born in Michigan he did fill out first papers requesting US citizenship. He died before signing the final papers.

Rosetta Thayer Family
Name: Jennifer Lord Darner
Date Posted: Jan 22, 03 - 6:22 PM
Email: jennifirkl@hotmail.com

Message: I am searching for the parents of Emily Rosetta Thayer. She was born in Menominee, Menominee County, Michigan. If anyone has any ideas-please come forward-thanks.


A. Christine Erickson
Name: Thomas L. Ahrens
Date Posted: Jan 19, 03 - 3:32 PM
Email: tlahrens@new.rr.com

Message: Looking for family members of A. Christine Erickson, teacher at Longrie school, 1919-1920. Seeking general info in regard to Miss Erickson. Any additional Longrie school info welcomed also. (920) 735-1720 Thanks!

Name: John Andrews
Date Posted: Dec 18, 02 - 7:46 PM
Email: jcdrews1@earthlink.net

Message: Just starting in on SCHICK, WALKER and RITTICK, all in Menominee between 1887 and 1910.
QUESTION: WHEN were Menominee's street names changed to the numbered system of today?

Name: Donna
Date Posted: Dec 14, 04 - 7:30 PM
Email: wepenwilo@yahoo.com

Message: I do not know when the streets changed. I was wondering if you have found out yet that it is not RITTICK but RITTICH. Let me know if you have gotten very far. My grandmother was Anna Rittich Shick's niece.

Phelps ancestry information
Name: David E. Phelps
Date Posted: Dec 4, 02 - 11:05 AM
Email: dphlps@juno.com

Message: My great-grandfather, Charles S. Phelps, worked in a shingle mill in the Menominee area in the early 1900s. Also his son, Lawrence B. Phelps. Both are buried in the Menominee cemetery, but I have no record of Charles' wife Mary Elizabeth. Any information on Charles Phelps and⁄or his wife would be appreciated. He died in 1926 - in Menominee.

looking for information
Name: Jana Donaghe
Date Posted: Nov 24, 02 - 4:19 PM
Email: jadon@vcn.com

Message: Hello I am looking for information on my family who lived in the Carney and Wallace areas. They were the Petersons and gustafsons. Bengt Peterson and August Gustafson came from sweden to carney and later their grandson Gust Peterson moved to Wallace. I am also looking for a book called the Carney Evangelical Free Church Centennial book and oral family history. If anyone has a copy of this book they would like to sale or know if it is still available through the church I would really appreciate any help. thanks alot Jana

Town of Fisher
Name: Joe Westrich
Date Posted: Nov 12, 02 - 11:33 AM
Email: westrich@dreamscp.com
Message: I am looking for any information on the former Town (City?) of Fisher. I live near the Koss Bridge and find artifacts of this former town. All I have learned is that it was a lumber town (Northern Supply Company) and burned down. No one in area seemsto know anything except broad details. When was it built? When
did it burn? etc.
Re: Town of Fisher
Name: Thomas L. Ahrens
Date Posted: Jan 23, 03 - 10:02 AM
Email: tlahrens@new.rr.com

Joe, actually Fisher burned twice, perhaps three times. Once in May of 1900 and then again in Oct of 1908. Pretty sure area was ablaze in 1881 also, but have no documentation to support that yet. First lumbermill and RR depot were around 1894. Northern Supply Co. came about 1895 and was subsequently sold to the C.H. Worchester Co. In late 1897 Fisher officially became known as Koss.

Bertrand Family
Name: Trina Rabida
Date Posted: Oct 29, 02 - 12:49 PM
Email: trabida@charter.net

Message: I am looking for information on the family of Gregoire (Gregory) and Pauline BERTRAND, who resided in Menominee County in the early 1900s. I found them on a census for Nadeau in 1920, and again (in Menominee, 6th ward, on "Broadway") in 1930. This family apparently moved there from Brown County, Wisconsin somewhere between 1910 and 1920. Gregory and Pauline's children were: Eugene, Charlie, Martha, Elmer and Raymond. Gregory's mother, Mary⁄Leocadie BERTRAND was also living with them in Menominee County, although I believe she died sometime between 1920 and 1930.
I'm having some trouble finding any additional information, other than what was in the censuses. If anybody has any information, or any sources available for lookups, please let me know.
Trina Rabida

Signer, John and Margaret
Name: Elizabeth Signer
Date Posted: Sep 14, 02 - 10:34 AM
Email: CFS12731W@aol.com

Message: New to message boards but have been so impressed with the kindness and helpfulness of the people who respond to these queries. I have gathered so much information from the answers that has helped me. I am looking for any and all information on my Grandfather and Grandmother, both deceased many years ago. They emigrated to America in 1909, supposedly to New York, where my grandfather worked a few weeks, then went off to somewhere in Pennsylvania for some time, then decided to go to Banat, Menomoniee County, Michigan. I have census records for 1920 and they appear there with some of their family. Then they moved again to Wauwautosa, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin about 1922 because their youngest son was born there. Then it was off to Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, Menomonee Falls, Waukesha County, Wisconsin and then to live with my family in 1952.
I would appreciate all and any information or hints you can give me. May you receive as much help as you give to others! I hope someday I will have some information to give back to others in return.

Cooper, Legault, Murray, Paquette
Name: Cynthia Kramer
Date Posted: Sep 8, 02 - 12:26 AM
Email: cyan16@excite.com

Message: Cooper, Legault, Murray, Paquette. I'm looking for these families, Coopers are from Antrim co. Mi.and Stueben Co. NY.
Legaults from Canada, Edward and Elizabeth Murray are from Canada too but moved to the Spalding area in 1873. The Paquettes are from Canada and lived near the Murrays.

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