Menominee Query Archives for 2008
I am trying to find out where the records are for Quinnesec cemetery?  I have seen that it is part of Dickinson county but could also be tied to Menominee or Marquette counties or even in Wisconsin.  I am trying to find information on my Great-Great Grandfather.  The last name is Martyn but is probably in the records as Martin.  There is a family debate as to his first name, Philip Martyn or William John Martyn.
Thanks for any help you can provide.
Tom Bray
Speer, IL

I am looking for information on John Burke born in Canada and Mary Yell
They had several children born in Menominee County Charles John birth 5 May 1884; Clarence birth Mar 1888; George Thomas 20 Sep 1891;Maurin, daughter May 1893; Lillian, daughter June 1894; Raymond, May 1895.
John died 28 may 1902 Spalding, Menominee, Michigan Mary died abt 1901, Spalding, Menominee, Michigan
They had two other children William Charles Burke Jul 1880 Frank born 8 Aug 1882.Fank was both born in Illinois according to our records. Frank was suppose  to have died in Munsing, Alger, Michigan
We don't know where William Charles died. We have a date of 15 May 1947.
Joyce Dennis

Hello--  I am trying to find information regarding my great grandfather, John Shanahan, of Harris Township.
I see from your records that he married Emma Renaud on March 1, 1881.  My grandmother, Ann (Shanahan) Villeneuve, was born on the family farm on November 22, 1898.  Among her siblings were John, Laura, and Agnes
I believe that John Shanahan emigrated from Cork, Ireland, but I am trying to narrow down the dates to see if there would be ship roster or other immigration records, as this information is what the Irish genealogical societies seem to prefer to track family back on the old sod.
Any assistance, links, pointers or other suggestions would be appreciated.  You can respond to the above email address, or my home email: 
mikevilleneuve@socal.rr.com.   Thank you
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