Village of Daggett 
The village of Daggett was incorporated in 1902 while till a part of Stephenson Township.  The township of Daggett was authorized to form a separate organization June 17, 1920, and the organization took place in the next few months.  The separation of the schools appears complete in 1921-22.
In 1880 a subscription school was maintained for four months in a small log building at Daggett.  Twenty-six children attended this first school out of a census count of 35.  Daggett was District No. 3 of Stephenson Township. By 1882-83 a frame building had been acquired and school was maintained for eight months.  In 1887 the children counted on the census were 181.  That year there were 106 children enrolled in the one teacher school.  For teaching ten months the teacher was paid $350.
Mr. Joseph Rubens and Miss Florence O'Donnell, teachers for the year 1893-4, reported an enrollment of 135.  E.F. Pierce was principal in 1894-5 and Miss O'Donnell continued to teach in the primary room.  Attendance ran high.  In the following year Miss Emma Andrews had 92 pupils enrolled in the first three grades.  Also for the first time there is listed No. 10, Stephenson Township which appears to have been the Corby or Cedar Grove School.  Miss Nella Whitehead was the teacher.
In 1898-99 Stephenson reported District No. 13, later No. 4 of Daggett Township, called Bruno.  Miss Marion White was the first teacher, continuing for two years.  In 1902-3 District No. 15, or Maple Grove, was listed with Miss Jennie Gordon as teacher and a few years later Durow School was added as No. 18 of Stephenson Township.  Tessmer School was established about the time the township was divided.
In the year 1898-99 when Leroy Bentley has principal the ninth grade was added.  By 1921-22 under the new township organization the high school was still small.  Earl Campbell, the superintendent, had 40 pupils enrolled in grades 9-12 but more than one-fourth of these dropped out before the year was over.  There were only four graduates.  Twenty-eight pupils were enrolled in grades 7-8 in the village and others in out-lying schools.  One by one outlying schools have been closed while the village school set on the hill has been enlarged.
--Official Records
Source:  Menominee County Book for Schools, edited by Ethel Schuyler.  Menominee, Michigan: Office of County School Commissioner, 1941.
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