The Shaky Creek three miles west of Swanson was at one time a very important little stream.  Before the railroads came in this creek was dammed up just south of the road running west from Swanson.  It was then used to float logs on down to the Menominee River.
Two miles northwest of Swanson the Hamilton-Merryman Company had a large camp and landing.  Here the first ice road was built in the lumber roads on the Menominee River.  This Company was one of the pioneer companies of the Twin Cities with large holdings along the river here in Holmes Township.
Just south of Swanson was the large lumber camp owned by John Bagley.  All the surrounding timber was virgin forests.  This Mr. Bagley then owned what later became the Wisconsin and Michigan Railroad.  It was only a narrow gauge road at that time.  He later sold this road to the Wisconsin and Michigan Company and they built the standard gauge used.
The community was named after Solomon Swanson who was supervisor of Holmes Township for seventeen years.  When the railroad came in he asked for the spur at Swanson and his name was attached to the locality from then on.
The railroad company owned the farm just north of Swanson.  The school was built on ground donated to the township by the company in about 1907.  To this school Mr. Faithorn, of the Wisconsin and Michigan Railroad, gave the large clock which is still to be seen in the belfry of the school.  This clock is run by weights.
Shortly after this spur was put in, the railroad company built a depot with a station agent locate there and also built a store and hall near the depot.  This store was bought later by Anton Dolsky.  Shortly after he bought it, it burned and a smaller store was put up in its place.  Joseph Kralovetz bought this store and started a cheese factory.  The cheese box factory was started by Mr. Kralovetz.
About one-half mile north of where Swanson now is, the Indians had a large "sugarbush" where they made their maple sugar.
Source:  Menominee County Book for Schools, edited by Ethel Schuyler.  Menominee, Michigan: Office of County School Commissioner, 1941.
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