Jenkins Cemetery
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Jenkins Cemetery in Lea County, New Mexico was surveyed September 17, 2000 by David Minton. nly 19 stone were located. There are many unmarked graves and some stones are covered with sand-dirt. This information may be used for personal genealogical research only and is not to be reproduced in any way. opyright © 2000 by David Minton

len, Luther Cpl         None         Co. E, 10th Mich. Inf. (Yankee)
urkham, J.A.         9-7-1858-3-2-1917         
urkham, Lula         9-15-1865    4-24-1954         
urkham, Walter L.         5-13-1885  1-24-1919         
ook, Ruth         10-22-1917  12-9-1917         
reen, Margret         None         Concrete Block
ebison, Jakie         1-16-1933-1-17-1933         Infant son of Lee & Belle Hebison
ebison, John E.         2-3-1910  12-28-1928         
ngram, Will         None         Concrete Block
rby, Maud         4-19-1887  3-17-1916         Wife of Cleve
iles         None         There are 2 concrete blocks the same
iles         None         There are 2 concrete blocks the same
tewart, C.Y.         1880-1917         
oppers, Mrs A.         None         Concrete Block in bad shape
eazey, H.         None         Concrete Block
eazey, Henry         1854-1921         On same stone with Homer
eazey, Homer         1895-1920         On same stone with Henry
eazey, W.H.         None         Concrete Block
Vosahlike         None         Concrete Block in bad shape
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