Crystal Falls City

Transcribed from Directory of The Cities of Iron River, Crystal Falls, Stambaugh, and Iron County 1913

Published by Douglas Anderson, No. Crandon Wisconsin

Surname Given Name Middle Spouse Occupation Residence Business
Camilli Attilio   Lena soft drinks 12 Superior av. 12 Superior av.
Camilla Domenic   Cesara miner 13 Monitor loc.  
Cannista Jack   Hilda miner 733 Forest av.  
Cannon Mrs. D     prop Savings Bank Store 136 Superior av.  
Cannon Lester     M Cannon & Son 108 Superior av.  
Cannon M   Lena M Cannon & Son 108 Superior av.  
Cannon M & Son     props People's Store   108 Superior av.
Carboni Louis     conf & notions 44 Superior av.  
Carboni Maria   Carlo widow 44 Superior av.  
Cardinal Frank   Louisa laborer 4 Kimball loc.  
Carlotta Domenic   Angeline bartender 217 Superior av.  
Carlotta Jos.     laborer 217 Superior av.  
Carlotta Louis   Angeline teamster 217 Superior av.  
Carlson Chas.     saloon 116 Superior av. 116 Superior av.
Carlson Edward   Anna miner 31 Fairbanks loc.  
Carlson Emil   Hilma mine foreman 136 High  
Carlson Eric   Irene miner Falls loc.  
Carlson Frank     miner 29 Fairbanks loc.  
Carlson Hilda       29 Fairbanks loc.  
Carlson John     carpenter 125 Superior av.  
Carlson Otto   Caroline teamster 704 Forest av.  
Carlstrom Oscar   Anna engineer 804 Crystal av.  
Carollo Louis   Beatrice   46 Armenia loc.  
Carp Anthony     saloon 45 Superior av. 45 Superior av.
Carpenter Mine       Hollister Mng Co   Carpenter loc.
Carter Chas.   Ida bookkeeper 200 N 5th.  
Casagranda Peter     laborer s end Western loc.  
Cassidy Nellie   John widow 209 S 5th.  
Caswell Leigh   Alice lawyer 904 Maple Grove 336 Superior av.
Cawasin Antonio   Hortensia miner 14 Monitor loc.  
Cayia Alfred     chemist 216 N 5th.  
Cayia Ellen     teacher 216 N 5th.  
Cayia Jennie     teacher 216 N 5th.  
Cayia Mose   Carrie flagman 216 N 5th.  
Central School           201 S 4th.
Chadbourne Samuel G Anna engineer 2 Kimball loc.  
Chalkline Frank     elect 82 Western loc.  
Challancin Sylvester   Mary saloon 8 Marquette av. 24 Superior av.
Champion A C Minnie carpenter 300 Urban av.  
Charon A   Elma blacksmith 12 S River 12 S River
Charon Jean       20 S River  
Cheney J C   agt Ladies' Tailoring 117 Marquette av.  
Cheper Jos.   Josephine laborer 520 S 4th.  
C&NW Ry       Ben H Peterson agt n end River  
C M & St P       Olaf Croghan agt n end 4th.  
Chirgwin John   Louisa miner 109 Superior av.  
Chirpka Martin   Eva miner Kimball loc.  
City Hall           401 Superior av.
Clark Richard   Winifred miner 13 Dunn loc.  
Clark Thos   madeline foreman 16 Dunn loc.  
Clema Albert   Stasia miner 10 Dunn loc.  
Clemets Valentine   Sophie laborer 24 Monitor loc.  
Clemets Wm     tailor 24 Monitor loc.  
Collicelli Louis   Aurelia miner 12 Tobin loc.  
Conlin Thos   Nora editor Diamond Drill 703 Michigan av.  
Coombe Philip     teacher 417 Marquette av.  
Coombe Wm   Elizabeth pastor Episcopal Church 417 Marquette av.  
Corcoron J F   pres Iron Co Nat Bank 100 S 5th.  
Corcoron J F   ins agency   305 Superior av.
Corrigan McKinney     (see Crystal Falls I M Co)    
Cossette Alfred     carpenter 306 Marquette av.  
Cossete E     conf, friuts, etc.   225 Superior av.
Cossete Emma       306 Marquette av.  
Cossete Nellie     clerk 306 Marquette av.  
Cossete Peter   Anna carpenter 306 Marquette av.  
Court House           w end Superior av.
Crane John   Mary cond 905 Crystal av.  
Creer Robert   Frances Capt Carpenter mine Carpenter loc.  
Croghan Olaf   Myrtle agt St Paul depot 17 S 5th.  
Crystal Falls Co-Operative Soc.       Andrew Ostrand prop   337 Superior av.
Crystal Falls General Hospital       Dr A M Darling prop   412 Superior av.
Crystal Falls Hdw Co       R B Webb prop   220 Superior av.
Crystal Falls Iron Mining Co       WJ Richards mgr.   Western loc.
Crystal Falls Lbr Co       W J Bosanko prop   C&NW tracks
Cummings Jas   Helen mason cont 816 Crystal av.  
Cummings Jessie       816 Crystal av.  
Cummings Wm   Sophie pipeman 208 Marquette av.  
Curnow Jennie   John widow 26 Fairbanks loc.  
Curnow John     blacksmith 26 Fairbanks loc.  
Czikos Andrew   Dorothy miner 40 Western loc.  


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