Crystal Falls City

Transcribed from Directory of The Cities of Iron River, Crystal Falls, Stambaugh, and Iron County 1913

Published by Douglas Anderson, No. Crandon Wisconsin

Surname Given Name Middle Spouse Occupation Residence Business
Oberg Julius   Anna d drill setter 12 S 1st  
O'Connell Mary   Patrick widow 905 Crystal av.  
Odgers Ira   Gertrude d drill foreman 120 N 5th  
Ohman Ellen       303 N 6th  
Ohman Wm   Ina shift boss 303 N 6th  
Ojalia Sandra   Solomon widow⁄brdghouse 105 Bristol loc.  
Olin Henry     miner 116 Maple  
Ollus Matt   Mary miner Falls loc.  
Olson Axel   Tancy teamster 42 Tobin loc.  
Olson Christ     carpenter 500 S 5th  
Olson Geo     painter 101 Michigan av.  
Olson Hans   Fredericka farmer 107 Bristol loc.  
Olson Herman   Mary miner 30 Fairbanks loc.  
Olson O T Hannah road cont 213 Crystal av.  
Olson T W Anna teamster 729 Forest av.  
Onderak John   Anna miner s end Western loc.  
Ondrus John   Mary miner 39 Western loc.  
Opera House       Ned Langer mgr   28 Superior av.
Opremshak Chas   Mary miner 6 Lincoln loc.  
Osken Constantine   Agatha miner 67 Western loc.  
Osterberg&Co       grocers   303 Superior Av.
Osterberg Bruna     miner 35 Armenia loc.  
Osterberg Vaino   Lydia     105 Marquette av.
Ostrand Andrew   Edla mgr C F Coop Soc 8 High  
Oswald Dorothy       12 N 5th  
Oswald E J Elizabeth cashier C F I M CO 213 S 5th
Oswald Jacob Jr timekeeper 12 N 5th  
Oswald Mary   Jacob widow 12 N 5th  
Owens David   Fanny mason 617 Wisconsin av.  
Owens Emma   D J widow 617 Wisconsin av.  
Owens Wm   May pipeman 613 Wisconsin av.  


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