Iron River City

Transcribed from Directory of The Cities of Iron River, Crystal Falls, Stambaugh, and Iron County 1913
Published by Douglas Anderson, No. Crandon Wisconsin
Surname Given
Middle Spouse Occupation Residence Business
Aaronson Earl     student 28 W Maple  
Aaronson Esther     student 28 W Maple  
Aaronson John   Matilda   28 W Maple  
Abell Philip   Susan cigar manufacturer 301 W Adams 301 W Adams
Abrahams Chas   Anne miner Davidson loc.  
Adzima George   Anna tr 30 Baltic loc.  
Atena Powder Co.       Jos. Konwinski loc. rep. 412 W Adams  
Ahe Sanfrit   Ada miner 30 Tully loc.  
Aiken Wm   Teckla carpenter 216 First av.  
Aklund Samuel     mason 216 W Genesee  
Akrigg Thos   Alice d driller Stambaugh  
Albrecht Theodore     teamster 412 W Adams  
Alenius John   Hannah blacksmith 26 Tully loc.  
Alexander Chas   Mary surface boss 420 N 4th.  
Allen Bert   Bessie blacksmith 421 N 5th.  
Allen Frank     real estate Allen's addition  
Allen Jesse   Margaret mason Allen's addition  
Allen Robert   Barbara engineer 15 Tully loc.  
Allen Rupert     plumber 410 First av.  
Allord Wm   Clara teamster 305 E Elm  
Alnes Emil   Hannah d driller Stambaugh  
Altonen Mathias   Amelia farmer Forbes loc.  
American Express Co.       Timothy Mahon agt   303 W Adams
Ames Arthur       112 W Elm  
Ammerman E   Anna drugstore 217 N First 212 W Genesee
Ammerman Georgia       217 N First  
Ammerman Inez     music teacher 217 N First  
Ammerman Jean     student 217 N First  
Ammerman Wm     pharmacist 217 N First  
Anander August W   Hane Bros. 701 Cayuga  
Anderson Agnes       210 First av.  
Anderson Albert E Agnes brakeman Stambaugh  
Anderson Albin   Tillie d driller Stambaugh  
Anderson Albin   Anna miner Commonwealth loc No. 4  
Anderson Alfred   Lina painter 812 Marquette av.  
Anderson Andrew   Lottie barber Stambaugh  
Anderson Andrew     miner 117 W Nelson  
Anderson Andrew P Christina   Stambaugh  
Anderson Arvid   Anna miner Stambaugh  
Anderson August   Augusta teamster 205 Rogers loc.  
Anderson Augusta M   confectionery Stambaugh 419 Lay st. I.R.  
Anderson Bede   Sophia miner 37 Chicagon loc.  
Anderson Carl   Emma clerk New Caspian  
Anderson Caroline   Andrew widow Stambaugh  
Anderson Chas J Etta laborer Stambaugh  
Anderson Elmer   Lena laborer 63 Rogers loc.  
Anderson Frank   Lottie carpenter 109 W Maple  
Anderson Geo   Jenie pipeman Stambaugh  
Anderson Gust   Amelia capt Catham mine S Carnegie av.  
Anderson Gust     engineer 709 W Genesee  
Anderson Gust     miner 314 Carnegie av.  
Anderson Gust A Mary shift boss 716 N 5th.  
Anderson Harold   Elsa painter 1014 North  
Anderson Herman   Celia d driller Crystal Falls Road  
Anderson Hilda     cook 217 W Genesee  
Anderson Hilya   Gust   Sturgeon add. Stambaugh  
Anderson Jacob   Maria capt Baker mine 12 Tully loc.  
Anderson Jane     dom 200 W Adams  
Anderson John   Alma pumpman Stambaugh  
Anderson John   Anna carpenter Stambaugh  
Anderson John R Ebba shift boss 23 Chicagon loc.  
Anderson John W Gertrude miner Davidson loc.  
Anderson Leonard   Salma shift boss Stambaugh  
Anderson Louis   Mary bartender 706 N 5th.  
Anderson Nels       406 N 6th.  
Anderson Oscar     carpenter 709 W Adams  
Anderson Oscar E Anna carpenter Stambaugh  
Anderson Oscar G Hannah mine capt Stambaugh  
Anderson Otto   Anna saloon Stambaugh  
Anderson Peter   Bertha miner 2 Commonwealth loc.  
Anderson Richard   Ida cont Stambaugh  
Anderson Swan T Anna capt Bates mine 314 Carnegie av.  
Anderson Theodore   Elizabeth miner 212 W Nelson  
Anderson Theodore   Anna shift boss Commonwealth loc No. 4  
Anderson Ulrich     farmer Stambaugh  
Andila Evert   Ina miner 69 Rogers loc.  
Andreni Teto   Enricetta miner 821 Cayuga  
Andreoli Giovanni   Mary miner James loc.  
Andrewski Vincent   Amnna miner 417 First av.  
Anegon John     prop Cozy theatre 108 W Genesee  
Angeli Gust   Josephine saloon New Caspian  
Annear Alvin   Anna asst chemist Dober loc.  
Anselmo Salmo   Marchetta miner 21 Caspian loc.  
Apostle Peter   Julia Candy Kitchen 303 W Adams 224 W Genesee
Applin Fred   Mary shift boss Davidson loc.  
Arboren Hilda   John widow 224 W Nelson  
Armstrong Henry M Effie supt of schools Stambaugh  
Arnell Frank   Anna miner 113 W Nelson  
Arnell Gunnard     miner 117 W Nelson  
Arnes Arthur   Edith bank clerk 112 W Elm  
Arnesto Jos   Maria miner Chicagon loc.  
Arneth Jacob J   drugstore 321 W Maple 124 W Genesee
Arsenault Edward   Agnes laborer Stambaugh  
Aschinger Ignatz   Zenzi miner Stambaugh  
Ask John     d driller 116 W Elm  
Aspholm Chas     Salmi & Co. Stambaugh  
Asplind Edward   Mary miner Davidson loc.  
Auerbach Conrad   Virginia miner New Caspian  
Augustin Aneba   Mary carpenter 920 North  
Autio Oscar   Ruuse miner 311 E Maple  
Auto Sales & Tire Co.       A. Soderquist prop 409 E Genesee  
Axelson Axel   Fanny saloon Stambaugh  
Ayotte Adam   Malvina carpenter 421 N 6th.  
Ayotte David   Mary woodsman Gaastra  
Ayotte Mrs. Philomen       311 W Nelson  


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