Iron River City

Transcribed from Directory of The Cities of Iron River, Crystal Falls, Stambaugh, and Iron County 1913
Published by Douglas Anderson, No. Crandon Wisconsin
Surname Given
Middle Spouse Occupation Residence Business
Nagle Michael   Nora barnboss 705 W Genesee  
Nardi Domenic   Eliza miner 59 Caspian loc.  
Nasi & Pirttinnen       tailors 27 W Genesee  
Nasi Gust   Libby Nasi & Pirttinnen    
Nash John     teamster 100 W Maple  
Nasser E L   conf, fruits, etc. 120 W Genesee  
National John   Mary carpenter 26 Chicagon loc.  
Nault Mrs. Delia       428 Cayuga  
Nault Fred   Minnie restaurant 805 W Genesee 324 W Genesee
Nault Geo   Josephine laborer 820 Cayuga  
Nault Jos   Maude d driller 20 W Adams  
Nault Wm   Flora miner Gaastra  
Nelson Albert R Clara brakeman Stambaugh  
Nelson Anna     Ekman & Nelson 224 W Nelson  
Nelson Arthur     butcher Stambaugh  
Nelson Chas   Hilda laborer Stambaugh  
Nelson Frank   Fia miner Stambaugh  
Nelson Frank O Esther chauffeur 217 Lay  
Nelson Gust     d driller 4 W Adams  
Nelson Gust     miner 117 W Nelson  
Nelson John A   laborer 4 W Adams  
Nelson Samuel   Elvira shiftboss 214 Rogers loc.  
Nelson Sophia   Chas widow Stambaugh  
Nepper Catherine     teacher 10 Baltic loc.  
Nerbon Jos     laborer Stambaugh  
Nettel Bert     mechanic 17 W Maple  
Nettel James H Nannie supt Crystal Falls Iron Mining Co. Tully loc.  
Nevanpa Samuel   Hulda miner 520 N 5th.  
Newton Myrtle     waitress 200 W Adams  
Nicholson Edward   Levara miner Chicagon loc.  
Nicholson Harry   Laura painter Gaastra  
Nicoloff Michael   Mary miner 15 Commonwealth loc.  
Nielson Lena   August widow Stambaugh  
Niemi Alex   Minnie miner Fisher-Morrison addition  
Niemi Simon   Emma miner 305 E Nelson  
Nobla Chas   Belle motorman Zimmerman loc.  
Nocerini John   Frances   816 Cayuga  
Nolinberg Elmer   Catherine prop Star Bakery 416 N 7th. 109 S 4th.
Nordin J E Charlotte N J Nordin & Sons 114 N 3rd.  
Nordin N J & Sons       tailoring & gents furn   318 W Genesee
Nordman Edward   Hannah miner 9 Commonwealth loc. No. 4  
Nordman Henry   Anna laborer 9 Commonwealth loc. No. 4  
Nordman Wm   Anna miner 2 Commonwealth loc. No. 4  
Nordas Frank   Julia laborer New Caspian  
Norton Wm     loc engineer 201 W Genesee  
Notari Jos   Mary groceries 821 Cayuga 821 Cayuga
Novak Geo     saloon, Gaastra New Caspian  
Novara Jos, Sr.     mason New Caspian  
Novara Jos, Jr.   Catherine mason New Caspian  
Novitski John   Josie miner New Caspian  
Numaline Gust   Mary miner 40 Caspian loc.  
Nyland Eric   Hannah miner 3 Commonwealth loc. No. 4  
Nystrom Eric   Mary laborer 117 W Nelson  
Nystrom Fredericka   Carl widow 117 W Nelson  
Nyysti Matt   Hulda miner New Caspian  


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