They Came
They Iron County
Edited by Marcia Bernhardt
Copyright 1975 by The Education Committee, Iron County Museum
Index of Individuals

This book is a compilation of interviews done by young people in the folklore classes or by members of the Junior Historical Society of West Iron County High School. Over 300 local people were interviewed. An attempt was made to make these experiences appear universal to the settlers of Iron County, so in many interviews very few if any of the individuals are named. This book can be purchased from the Iron County Museum Historical Society. The telephone number is (906) 265-2617. Indexed April, 2004 by Dale Safford.

ANDERSON John 93, 95 stayed with a friend near Lake Emily, festered leg
ANDREASON Peter 14 wrote news items
ANDREW James 119 logging superintendent
BANKS Carl 165 blueberry picking amusing story
BARNUM Bob 110 deputy sheriff
BASANESE Marsilio 103 tells about winemaking
BENANNE Anna 11 teacher
BENNET Peg Leg 93 stayed with a friend near Lake Emily
BOYINGTON Andy 12 to 13 Iron River Hotel owner
BROSSO Johnny 167 janitor at Iron River High School
BRZOZNOWSKI Thomas 17 walked from Chicago to Gibbs City
BRZOZNOWSKI Felix 18 farmer and worked in woods
BURT Florence 12 teacher
CALLIARI (Colliari) 72 Hotel in Palatka
CAMPBELL Beatrice 87 in contest selling newspaper subscriptions
CHRISTENSEN Alma 11 playmate of Amie Nash Olsen
COFFIN Dan 12 to 13 dog named Myrt
CONNELLY Pigface 81 saloonkeeper in Elmwood
COOK Jay J. 104 original owner of Central Drugs
DENNISON Alec "Black Alec" 74, 87 to 92 sold moonshine, "original hippie"
DJUPE Bert 64 from Stambaugh
DJUPE Bertle 137 husband of teacher
DOOLEY Mickey 79 wrestler
FARRINGTON John 105 friend of attorney Martin McDonough
FLANIGAN John 36 owner of sheep ranch
FLANNIGAN Judge 92 circuit judge
FLANNIGAN Judge 110 Circuit Court Judge
GARDNER Andy 50 teamster killed in logging camp fire
GIOVANELLI Dominic 103 tells about Rum Rebellion
GONAVIN Peter "Donny" 51 teamster from logging camp
GREENLUND Oscar 105 friend of attorney Martin McDonough
HAASE Charles "Barefoot Charlie" 74, 84 to 87 mail carrier barefoot even in winter
HALL Sid 156 liked hunting
HANSON Johnny 93 to 94 had Ford
HARRIS Captain 63 to 64 mining captain
HARRIS Jennie 63 wife of Captain, mother of 10 children
HENDRICKSON Toby 100 tells about Rum Rebellion
HOAR Walter 67, 86 worked at J & L Mine in Mineral Hills, prankster
JACOBS J. N. 18 came to U.S. from Lebanon
JOHNSON Gus 79 strong man killed by dynamite blast
JOHNSON Iver 79 blinded by dynamite blast
JOHNSON Albert 81 owned coffee shop by Cook's Run
JOHNSON Emil 94 lived near Chicagoan Mine
JOHNSON Gordon 103 houseboy for attorney Martin McDonough
JOHNSON Peter 145 hunted deeer for food for winter
JOHNSON Signe 145 daughter of Peter
JOHNSON Mannie 145 son of Peter
KINNEY Aaron 31 ice business
KINNEY Oliver 128 ice business
KINNEY Walter 128 ice business
KINNEY Willard 31 ice business partner
LENHART Father 101 wine in basement diluted with water
LITHEN Emil 94 visited Emil Johnson
LONGHURST Harold 140 teacher
LOTT Ed 100 owned a team of horses
MANDE Bill 105 friend of attorney Martin McDonough
McDONOUGH Martin 99 to 101 prosecuting attorney involved in Rum Rebellion
McGRAW Mike 105 trapper
MOSES Bill 14 teacher
NASH A. C. 11 had cabbage patch, cigar maker
NICHOLSON Victor 92 to 93 moved to Bates 1913 age 10
OLSEN Amie Nash 9 to 14 Nash District homesteader
PARKINS Marvin 168 blueberry picking amusing story
PATTERSON Anne 84 stood up to looters
PETERSON Jens 11 had strawberry patch
PIGEON Louie 155 hit bear over head with axe
PLOURDE Baptiste 75 to 76 one of two strongest men in town
PLOURDE Ben 75 to 79 another strong man around Iron River
PLOURDE Fred 75 to 78 logger
PLOURDE Ben 122 logger
POSSANZA Frank 102 delivery boy
PRUDHOMME Armand 118 woodsworker during Depression
PURGATORI Gus 102 butcher
RATAGICK Ben 102 drove horse team
RAYMOND Clifford 75 one of two strongest men in town
SCALCUCCI Steve 102 involved in Rum Rebellion
SENSIBA Ed 110 County Sheriff
SHAPODOCK John 21 Chief of Potawattomi tribe
SILVERTHORN Albert 75 picked up a model A out of ditch single-handedly
SINGLER John 98 dray hired to haul confiscated liquor
SKY Bert 37 Indian caretaker of Chicaugon Lake burial grounds
SLEEMAN Captain 67 mining captain at J & L Mine in Mineral Hills
URBAN Harry 110 Deputy Sheriff
WAFFEN August 110 prosecuting attorney involved in Rum Rebellion
WEBBER Andrew 39 saloon owner
WHEELER Howard 101 deputy sheriff
WHEELER Howard 110 Deputy Sheriff
WILLIAMS Lloyd 140 student


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