Crystal Falls Township

Transcribed from Directory of The Cities of Iron River, Crystal Falls, Stambaugh, and Iron County 1913, Published by Douglas Anderson, No. Crandon Wisconsin


Tobin Mine circa 1904

(Taken from Iron County Michigan Souvenir Book)

Post Office at Crystal Falls 1913

Supervisor: W.J. Richards
Clerk: Frank F. Jollife
Treasurer: William Poyseor, Jr.
Highway Commissioner: Eric Anderson


Surname Given Name Middle Spouse Occupation Residence Business
Anderson Eric   farmer  
Barquis Tony   farmer  
Class Fred   farmer  
Engstrom Oscar   farmer  
Fisher John   farmer  
Gibson J. T.   farmer, P.O. Amasa  
Gordon Edward   farmer  
Gustafson August   farmer  
Hager Olaf   farmer  
Harmanmaa John   farmer  
Hansen Olaf   farmer  
Hill Fred   farmer  
Ismay Amos   farmer  
Jarvi Matt   farmer  
Letch Roy   farmer  
Lyons Charles   farmer  
Mertie August   farmer  
Moore D. W.   farmer  
Oss O. P.   farmer  
Peterson Charles   farmer  
Poyseor William   farmer  
Poyseor Ben   prop Fortuna Dai  
Pesonen Alex   farmer  
Rosenlof Victor   farmer  
Rogers Charles   dairy  
Roth Lewis   farmer  
Runquist Andrew   farmer  
Sivola G.   farmer  
Soderman John   farmer  
Solomon John   farmer  
Uren Charles   farmer  
Vasland Charles   farmer  
Werden Mrs. Elizabeth   farmer  
Williams Otto   farmer  


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