Iron River City

Transcribed from Directory of The Cities of Iron River, Crystal Falls, Stambaugh, and Iron County 1913
Published by Douglas Anderson, No. Crandon Wisconsin
Surname Given
Middle Spouse Occupation Residence Business
Dahl Sidney   Hannah fireman 220 W Nelson  
Dahlbeck Godfrey     watchman Dober loc.  
Dalcanele Domenic   Jennie gen merchandise New Caspian  
Daleske Frank   Rose laborer Stambaugh  
DallaPiazza Elizabeth     waitress 200 W Adams  
Daly John W Anna mechanic 24 Chicagon loc.  
Dandoneau Peter   Olive prop Stambaugh Hdw Co. Stambaugh  
Danielson Chas     miner Rogers loc.  
Dascolo Antonio   Amelia miner w end Youngs loc.  
Dascolo Dominick   Louisa miner w end Youngs loc.  
Datres Louis   Anna saloon 321 W Genesee 321 W Genesee
Davidson Hay   Julia baker 25 W Genesee 25 W Genesee
Davidson Isabell       25 W Genesee  
Davidson Mine           Davidson loc.
Davidson Ore Co.       Rudolph Erickson supt   Davidson loc.
Davis & Maas       cont and builders   128 W Adams
Dawson Luther Middle Sarah mason 2 Caspian loc.  
Deacon Jeff   Ruby blacksmith 112 S 5th. 423 W Maple
DeBroux Adeline       501 N 7th.  
DeCarli Jos   Sterina miner F M addition  
DeCloux John     butcher 216 Carnegie  
Dedo Frank   Sophie miner New Caspian  
Deen Heera     restaurant   Stambaugh
Deguire L J   mgr Hansen's studio 116 W Elm  
DeHaas N G   wholesale bldg material   115 N 2nd.
Dehate Archie     pipeman 316 E Nelson  
Dehate Emil   Louise laborer 316 E Nelson  
Deloria Fred   Emma I R Mere Co. S Carnegie av.  
Demboski Gust   Mary miner 325 N 7th.  
De Muri Peter   Mary John Soga & Co.   New Caspian
Denis Chas   Signa miner Gaastra  
Denis Victor   Mary pipeman Gaastra  
Denning Roderick     miner 400 N 4th.  
Dent Chas   Jennie clerk 409 N 6th.  
Deredder August   Philomen miner 14 Hiawatha loc.  
DeRoushey Frank   Lydia laborer 211 Carnegie av.  
Deroushia Fred   Carrie teamster 20 W Adams  
Deroushia Jos   Grace teamster 20 W Adams  
Deroushia Mrs. Theophile       329 W Maple  
Detroit Life Ins. Co.       W A Little gen agent   228 W Genesee
Deshais Gasper   Iva carpenter New Caspian  
Deshais Tancred   Alma   New Caspian  
Deshane John     tinsmith 310 Carnegie av.  
Des Jardin Jos   Ida butcher 309 W Maple  
Deyman John     Deymen & Campana New Caspian  
Deyman & Campana       grocers   New Caspian
De Zorzi Lucio   Carmela miner 28 Tully loc.  
Dibella Natale   Rose miner 19 Caspian loc.  
Dickie Dr. J A May vet surgeon 17 W Elm  
Dickinson E S   supt Bates I M Co. 214 N 1st.  
Dickson Thos   Mary engineer 23 Commonwealth No. 4  
Diedrich John     student 412 Carnegie av.  
Diedrichs Geo     timekeeper 417 Cayuga  
Diedrichs John P   engineer 417 Cayuga  
Diedrishs Leonard   Margaret bartender 417 Cayuga  
Dilewski Paul   Otelia miner Stambaugh  
Dinkel Antonio     miner 415 Cayuga  
Dion Chas   Mary carpenter New Caspian  
Disinger W H Katherine machinist 419 Second av.  
Dixon A F Lucille lawyer Stambaugh  
Djupe Hedwig     P O Clerk Stambaugh  
Djupe Gust   Emma   Stambaugh  
Dober Mine       op by Oliver I M Co.   Dober loc.
Dobrzeneski Wm   Ellen carpenter 6 W Nelson  
Dobson John   Matilda prop Merry-go-round 217 First av.  
Doenitz Francis   Hannah carpenter 401 N 6th.  
Doenitz R C Delia tinsmith 117 W Adams 117 W Adams
Domback Mrs. Jos       709 North  
Dominic Secondo Eda   Camilli & Dominic Allen's addition  
Donnelly Edward   Lillian miner Stambaugh  
Donnelly Wm     fireman Stambaugh  
Dominic Sante   Frances miner Vergil loc.  
Donovan John     baggageman 417 Cayuga  
Dooley Michael   Laura dep sheriff 311 S 2nd.  
Doucette James   Anna prop Bijou Theatre Stambaugh  
Doucette Thos   Mary laborer Stambaugh  
Dould Arthur       308 W Nelson  
Dowsey Walter     cement foreman 405 W Genesee  
Drake Samuel   Eliza laborer 817 N 3rd.  
Drapeau Adlor     engineer 721 Cayuga  
Drey Jacob J Simmie d goods and gents' furn Caspian loc. Caspian loc.
Drolet Louis   Minnie pipeman 800 N River  
Ducharme Louis     fireman Stambaugh  
Duff Harry Eda Charlotte supt Wickwire mine 429 First av.  
Duff Laura     stenographer 429 First av.  
Duff Myrtle     cashier Krom's 429 First av.  
Duffek John   Emma pumpman Gaastra  
Duluth Diamond Drill Co.       Gust Swanson foreman   4 W Elm
Dumas John C Delia laborer Gaastra  
Dunk Louis   Anna painter & Paperhanger 116 S 4th.  
Dunn Phyllis     student 408 Cayuga  
Dupont Powder Co.       Robert Holliday rep   34 Dober loc.



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