Crystal Falls City

Transcribed from Directory of The Cities of Iron River, Crystal Falls, Stambaugh, and Iron County 1913

Published by Douglas Anderson, No. Crandon Wisconsin

Surname Given Name Middle Spouse Occupation Residence Business
Wagryn Peter   Antonina miner 8 W Dunn loc.  
Waite Ralph   Emma surface foreman 409 Michigan av.  
Walbeck Ernest   Lottie concrete cont 109 Iron  
Wall John   Matilda Co Clerk 721 Crystal av.  
Wall Julia     sten 721 Crystal av.  
Wall Thos     laborer 721 Crystal av.  
Walli Isaac   Sana miner E end Superior av.  
Walsh Richard   Daisy barber shop 8 N 1st. 102 Superior av.
Waltie Chas   Emma miner 615 Harrison av.  
Warren Chas   Margaret shiftboss 83 Western loc.  
Warshawsky Isaac     clerk 600 Forest av.  
Warshawsky Jacob   Emma peddler 408 S 5th.  
Warshawsky Michael   Emily   68 Western loc.  
Warshawsky Nathan   Sarah saloon 130 High 314 Superior av.
Warshawsky Peter   Sarah Mgr S Warshawsky 601 Forest av.  
Warshawsky           124 Superior av.
Watson Chas H Blanche lawyer 517 Michigan av. 336 Superior av.
Watts Wm   Mona blacksmith 17 S 4th.  
Waytuloni Martin   Albina miner 129 Superior av.  
Webb Garage Co       Chas Hansen mgr   17 S 3rd.
Webb R B   prop C F Hdw Co 17 S 3rd.  
Webb Todd   Maude C F Hdw Co 309 S 5th.  
Wedstrand Arnold     plasterer 304 Michigan av.  
Wedstrand Arnot     comp 304 Michigan av.  
Wedstrand August     baker 304 Michigan av.  
Wedstrand Frank O Caroline painter & taxidermist 304 Michigan av.  
Wedstrand Norman     chemist 304 Michigan av.  
Week Andrew   Hannah farmer Dunn loc.  
Wehse Amelia   Richard widow 415 Superior av.  
Wells Dorlia     dressmaker 203 Park  
Wells Oliver     carpenter 203 Park  
Wells Wm   Bessie supply clk 710 Crystal av.  
West Eric   Hilda miner Falls loc.  
West Gust   Mary laborer 730 Harrison av.  
Westcott Frank   Mary laborer 104 Superior av.  
Westin Chas     bookkeeper 108 Marquette av.  
Wieland H J Carrie cash Bristol Mine 212 Brier Hill  
Wild John     fireman 712 Crystal av.  
Willette Archie     carpenter 312 Marquette av.  
Willgren Edward   Ida miner 1102 Erie av.  
Williams Henry     laborer 309 Marquette av.  
Williams Isaac   Kate   Armenia loc.  
Williams James D   D driller 109 S 4th.  
Williams Mary   Isaac widow 109 S 4th.  
Williams Nicholas     machinist 109 S 4th.  
Wills Amelia       404 Crystal av.  
Wills Hdw Co       Thos Wills mgr   319 Superior av.
Wills Harry     min eng 404 Crystal av.  
Wills Olive     teacher 404 Crystal av.  
Wills Thos   Sarah Wills Hdw Co 404 Crystal av.  
Wilson Geo     miner Brier Hill  
Wilson John A. Mary miner Brier Hill  
Wilson Lee   Alice barber 133 High  
Wilson Robert   Katherine barber shop 117 S 4th. 232 Superior av.
Winslowsky Chas   Mary miner 4 Dunn loc.  
Winter Oscar     tel op 208 S 4th.  
Wolak Chas   Frances tr 11 Armenia loc.  
Woods Porter   Antoinette salesman 1 Marquette av.  
Woodward Jessie   James widow 312 Marquette av.  
Worden Elizabeth   John widow Shafer loc.  


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