Stambaugh Township

Transcribed from Directory of The Cities of Iron River, Crystal Falls, Stambaugh, and Iron County 1913. Published by Douglas Anderson, No. Crandon Wisconsin

Post Offices at Iron River, Palatka, Pentoga Saunders, and Stanbaugh

Iron River

Being a list of residents of Stambaugh Township whose P. O. address is Iron River.

Surname Given Name Middle Spouse Occupation Residence Business
Abrahamson Gust   farmer  
Anderson Godfrey   farmer  
Baumgardner Joseph   farmer  
Baumgardner Rudolph   farmer  
Ende Robert   farmer  
Flaschberger P H   farmer  
Frank Edward   farmer  
Gieslar Karl   farmer  
Holmes Nels   farmer  
Koski Jacob   farmer  
Olsen Olaf M   farmer  
Rochon Amil   farmer  
Rolf Matt   farmer  


Surname Given Name Middle Spouse Occupation Residence Business
Berquist John   farmer  
DeGrass L A   farmer  
Erickson John E   farmer  
Flannigan John   farmer  
Fleming John   farmer  
Kinney J S   farmer  
Peterson Axel   farmer  


Surname Given Name Middle Spouse Occupation Residence Business
Belongia Philip   laborer  
Benton Berton   laborer  
Briggs John   laborer  
Camps Edward   sawyer  
Charland Thomas   woodsman  
Conley Joseph   laborer  
Cox H B   engineer  
Depothia Zephier   laborer  
Dubois W   commercial traveler  
Ducharme Jerry   laborer  
Dumas Julius   laborer  
Fisher Charles   farmer  
Fisher Frank   laborer  
Gasley Charles   filer  
Gonhue Louis   laborer  
Goodhall Rae   farmer  
Hoffman Louis   sawyer  
Hanrahan J H   bookkeeper  
Hartho W   agent C&NW  
Howard Charles   laborer  
Hubel Archie   clerk  
Iron Range Lumber & Cedar Co.   (Montambo & Hubel prop)  
Keidth Herman   laborer  
Lamphier Albert   carpenter  
Latoney Nicholas   laborer  
Larock Andrew   laborer  
Larock Frank   laborer  
LaPointe Varis   laborer  
Lavilette Peter   laborer  
Lozier Morris   blacksmith  
Mahon James   laborer  
Menzia Joseph   laborer  
Montambo Thomas J   I R Lbr. & Cedar Co.  
Montambo & Hubel   props IR Lbr. & Cedar Co. general store  
McRae H O   farmer  
Nantelle Henry   section foreman  
O'Connor William   laborer  
O'Connell Tim   farmer  
Olesock John   farmer  
Olesock Fred   farmer  
Redman Harvey   laborer  
Rugg Innes   cook  
Sipper Andrew   farmer  
Stormfeldt Aaron   laborer  
Wagner Joseph   laborer  
Anderson Albert   farmer  
Bormaster G   farmer  
Carlson Charles   farmer  
Edlund Gust   farmer  
Elverson Charles   farmer  
Erickson Charles   farmer  
Hill Emil   farmer  
Hill Andrew   farmer  
Kuczinski Jacob   farmer  
Nyquist Alex   farmer  
Peterson August   farmer  
Renberg Eric   farmer  
Sandel Jacob   farmer  
Smedlund Alfred   farmer  
Stromberg C J   farmer  
Wiercinski Anthony   farmer  
Young Andrew   farmer  


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