Crystal Falls City

Transcribed from Directory of The Cities of Iron River, Crystal Falls, Stambaugh, and Iron County 1913

Published by Douglas Anderson, No. Crandon Wisconsin

Surname Given Name Middle Spouse Occupation Residence Business
Rabichaud Arthur   Mary groceries & meatmarket 108 Crystal av. 100 Superior av.
Rabichaud Rodolph   Jean switchman Falls loc.  
Raher Patrick   Catherine master mechanic 34 Fairbanks loc.  
Rajala Victor     mgr Finnish Workers' Hall 21 S 3d  
Railroad House       Mrs. Lillian Sorenson prop 213 Crystal av.  
Raino Ernest   Anna miner 19 Fairbanks loc.  
Randon Cressente     miner 11 Bristol loc.  
Ravenna Mine       Hollister Mng Co nw of city Ravenna loc.  
Reindl Fred M Ella salestable 116 Crystal av.  
Reindl's Sales Stable       Fred Reindl prop   15 S River
Renholm John     miner 708 Harrison av.  
Rexon Geo   Kate miner 58 Shafer loc.  
Reynolds Frank     painter & paperhanger 20 N 4th 20 N 4th
Reynolds Jos H Hannah miner e of St. Paul depot  
Reynolds Wm J Bertie County Treasurer 121 S 3d  
Rezin W H Ione drugstore 719 Marquette av. 301 Superior av.
Riba Chas   Carrie miner 89 Tobin loc.  
Richards Alma   James widow 312 Michigan av.  
Richards Alvin   May surface foreman 31 Tobin loc.  
Richards Gilbert Jr Edith miner 409 S 5th  
Richards M E Sarah gen mgr Judson Mng Co 916 Maple Grove  
Richards Thos   Laura carpenter 8 S River  
Richards Wm J   gen mgr C F I M Co 817 Crystal av.  
Ramaki John   Edith teamster 208 Crystal av.  
Riordan Catherine     teacher 15 Crystal Av.  
Riordan D F Katherine   15 Crystal Av.  
Riordan Frances     teacher 15 Crystal Av.  
Robbins Andrew L Cora pool room 112 S 4th 319 Superior av.
Roberts C T Myra Roberts Ore Co 4 S 5th  
Roberts Ore Co           4 S 5th
Robins John C Lily miner 43 Tobin loc.  
Robinson C A   prop Lockwood Hotel 400 Superior Av.  
Rock Michael   Bertha miner 11 Lincoln loc.  
Rogan Katherine   Martin widow 212 Marquette av.  
Rogers A D Mary Register of Deeds 504 Crystal av.  
Rogers&Reynolds       Abstracts   Court House
Ronback Chas   Mary carpenter Falls loc.  
Ronback Samuel   Johanna teamster Falls loc.  
Ronquist John   Hilma clerk 116 N 4th  
Ropyak Peter   Stasia miner 18 Dunn loc.  
Rosa John   Victoria tr 15 Armenia loc.  
Rosalund Victor   Anna miner Falls loc.  
Rozenfeld Louis   Molly junkdealer 15 S 1st  
Rosengren Chas   Amelia mechanic 4 Tobin loc.  
Rosengren Frank   Anna farmer near Dunn loc.  
Rosengren Harris   Esther miner 53 Tobin loc.  
Rosenquist Irene     bookkeeper 620 Erie av.  
Rosenquist Harry     engineer 620 Erie av.  
Rosenquist Maritz     fireman 620 Erie av.  
Rosenquist Matilda   Henry widow 620 Erie av.  
Rosenquist Sigrid     cahsier Ruwitch's 620 Erie av.  
Rosenquist WM   Dora mgr Swedish & Finnish Merc Co 320 S 4th  
Ross Alex     machinist 108 N 5th  
Ross D M Nellie groceries 408 Michigan av. 300 Superior av.
Ross D W Katherine machinist 15 Marquette av.  
Ross Helen     teacher 408 Michigan av.  
Ross Webster     mason 15 Marquette av.  
Ross Wm     mason 15 Marquette av.  
Rossi Jos   Elvira conf&fruits 120 Superior av. 120 Superior av.
Roth John     miner 504 S 5th  
Rowland Geo     d driller 309 Superior Av.  
Runlund Chas     laborer 916 Harrison Av.  
Runlund Eva       916 Harrison Av.  
Runlund John     miner 916 Harrison Av.  
Runlund, Sr. John   Augusta laborer 916 Harrison Av.  
Russell Edward     teamster 209 Michigan av.  
Russell Eliza   Wm widow 209 Michigan av.  
Russell Margaret     teacher 209 Michigan av.  
Russell Vina     teacher 209 Michigan av.  
Rutman Alex     Kaplan & Rutman 109 Superior Av.  
Ruutila Herman     painter 16 S 3d  
Ruwitch Herman   Rose dry goods, furn 400 Crystal Av. 112 Superior av.
Rys Frank   Matilda miner 24 Dunn loc.  
Rysberg John   Sana miner e of St Paul depot  


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