Transcribed from Directory of The Cities of Iron River, Crystal Falls, Stambaugh, and Iron County 1913, Published by Douglas Anderson, No. Crandon Wisconsin
Mastodon Township
Clerk: John Erikson
Treasurer: Anthony Davis, Jr.
Highway Commissioner William James
Surname Given Name Middle Spouse Occupation
Alpha Mercantile Co.       Wm. Peters prop
Balkan Mining Co.       W. J. Perkins supt
Bilski Joseph     miner
Blaszyk Frank     miner
Campana Charles     groceries
Deamicis Nunzio     laborer
Erickson Mrs. John     boardinghouse
Frederickson Peter     farmer
Grimord Louis     carpenter foreman
Gustafson Mrs. Adolph     confectionary
Hendrickson Mrs. A.     farmer
Holm Peter     farmer
Holman William     capt Judson mine
Johnson John     farmer
Judson Land Co.       M. E. Richards, manager
Judson Mining Co.       M. E. Richards, manager
Lahto Hjalmer     miner
Lawry Thomas     blacksmith
Liberty Arthur     carpenter
Nevada Land Co.       M. E. Richards, manager
McLaren Hughey L.   farmer
Noyes Arthur     miner
Pearce Edward     supt. Judson Mining Co.
Peters William     prop Alpha Mercantile Co.
Rogers Al     master mechanic
Rossi Silvio     miner
Sampola Sam     miner
Stankewicz Stanley     miner
Supa Martin     miner
Whitehead R. G.   mine superintendent


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