Iron River City

Transcribed from Directory of The Cities of Iron River, Crystal Falls, Stambaugh, and Iron County 1913
Published by Douglas Anderson, No. Crandon Wisconsin
Surname Given
Middle Spouse Occupation Residence Business
Jacka Edwin     master mechanic 13 Tully loc.  
Jackson Bert     teamster 428 Cayuga  
Jackson Clifford     teamster 428 Cayuga  
Jackson Frank   Anna   529 W Adams  
Jacobson D T   teacher 321 W Maple  
Jacobson Ediert   Aini miner 19 Tully loc.  
Jacobson John J Nellie carpenter Stambaugh  
Jacobson Matt   Matilda shoemaker Stambaugh  
Jacobson Michael   Ida carpenter New Caspian  
Jacobus & Kohl       blg cont and woodworkers   309 S 3rd.
Jacobus Chas   Amanda Jacobus & Kohl 208 W Nelson  
Jacobus Fred   Cinda Jacobus & Kohl 213 W Nelson  
Jacobus Wm     Jacobus & Kohl 213 W Nelson  
Jadro James   Flora miner 5 Caspian loc.  
Jaedecke Clarence     engineer 411 N 4th.  
Jaeger Geraldine     student 17 W Adams  
Jaeger Margaret     student 17 W Adams  
Jaeger Max   Nellie Ins 17 W Adams  
Jaia Thos   Paulina miner 66 Caspian loc.  
James Costes     Queen City Restaurant 325 W Genesee  
James Mayme     nurse Stambaugh Hospital  
James Viola     teacher 10 Baltic loc.  
James Wm H     17 Cayuga  
Janga Gust   Louise miner 916 N 1st.  
Jansen James   Mary miner James loc.  
Jarvi Gust   Emma miner 40 Tully loc.  
Jayne Geo   Della engineer 629 N 5th.  
Jenkinson Geo     laborer 109 W Genesee  
Jenkinson Ida   John widow 109 W Genesee  
Jenkinson Lillian     saleslady 109 W Genesee  
Jenson Jos   Johanna miner 15 Hiawatha loc.  
Jewell Ethel       5 Youngs loc.  
Jewell Ray     blacksmith 5 Youngs loc.  
Johns James     laborer 15 Baltic loc.  
Johns Wm   Mary Wm Johns Co. 309 W Genesee  
Johns, Wm Co.       Wm Johns mgr, undertakes,mus inst,pictures   309 W Genesee
Johnson Axel   Mary miner 56 Caspian loc.  
Johnson Axel   Signa bartender 317 1st av.  
Johnson Carl   Irma engineer Gaastra  
Johnson Carl   Vera printer 317 W Maple  
Johnson Chas F   hotel clerk 201 W Genesee  
Johnson Chas J Anna painter 410 Boyington  
Johnson Christ W Mary pumpman 820 N 1st.  
Johnson Christina   John widow 405 N 6th.  
Johnson Claus A Hilda Peoples Supply Co. 217 W Adams  
Johnson Edward   Lydia miner Gaastra  
Johnson Ernest     laborer 4 W Adams  
Johnson Emil     d driller 20 W Elm  
Johnson Mrs. Eliza       804 Cayuga  
Johnson Geo   Anna fireman 320 W Nelson  
Johnson Geo L   barbershop, agt Sanitary Laundry Stambaugh  
Johnson Gust     laborer 20 W Elm  
Johnson Gustaf     saloon Stambaugh  
Johnson Gust P   D Goods & Gents furn Stambaugh  
Johnson Herbert   Olive bookkeeper 404 1st av.  
Johnson Henry   Elizabeth dealer New Caspian  
Johnson Hulda Middle   housekeeper Stambaugh  
Johnson John A Lily miner Bengal loc.  
Johnson John E   bartender 200 W Adams  
Johnson John F Flora carpenter Bengal loc.  
Johnson John F   clerk 201 W Genesee  
Johnson Julia     domestic 200 W Adams  
Johnson Leon A Carolina real estate 1 W Adams 320 W Genesee
Johnson Michael   Minnie laborer 708 N 6th.  
Johnson Olaf B Winifred mine engineer Zimmerman loc.  
Johnson Richard   Emma fireman Stambaugh  
Johnson Sebastian     blacksmith 412 Cayuga  
Johnson Siverene     fireman 4 W Adams  
Johnson Thos   Mary   412 Cayuga  
Johnson W C Muriel confectionery Stambaugh  
Johnson Wm   Flora laborer 12 Baltic loc.  
Johnson Wm   Selma miner Gaastra  
Jolly Ovid      cont 316 N 4th.  
Jones & Laughlin Min Co.       W J Walters supt   Forbes loc.
Jones A F Mina prop Boyington House 201 W Genesee  
Jones Harnes Co.       L O Jones mgr   404 W Adams
Jones James   Margaret   1 Tully loc.  
Jones L O Maude ngr Jones Harness Co. 404 W Adams  
Jones Rufus   Alice d driller 213 Cayuga  
Jonak John   Lydia miner 5 Tully loc.  
Jorgenson Claude   Minnie City Laundry & Cl Wks   317 W Nelson
Jorgenson Rasmus   Caroline   600 Cayuga  
Jubenville Mrs. Margaret       311 W Nelson  
Judish John     saloon Dober loc.  
Juneau Adolph   Olivine miner 316 W Adams  
Juneau Jesse   Agnes teamster 17 W Genesee  


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