Charles Wheeler Hoffman
Charles Wheeler Hoffman was born in Niles, Michigan, September 2, 1846. He remained there until he was seventeen years old, receiving a common school education.
In 1863 he went to Fort Randall, on the Missouri River, and when the military post at Fort Buford was established in 1866, he received the appointment as Post Sutler at that post. This was at that time the very heart of the Sioux country. Hostile indians surrounded Fort Buford nearly all the time and his life there was necessarily full of thrilling experiences and narrow escapes.
In the fall of 1868 he returned east and was married at Buffalo, New York, April 27, 1869 to Elizabeth B. Penfield. Being appointed Sutler at Fort Ellis Montana, he brought his wife west immediately after their marriage and they have made their home at Bozeman ever since. Here Mr. Hoffman has been connected with many enterprises. He is now engaged in coal mining, merchandising, farming, stock raising and banking, being vice-president of the Bozeman National Bank.
He has served as Alderman of the city of Bozeman and County Commissioner of Gallatin County. He was elected a member of the House of Representatives of the Fifteenth Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Montana, joint member for Gallatin and Meagher Counties of the Council of the Sixteenth Assembly, and when Montana became a state he was elected a member of the first State Senate and re-elected to the Second Assembly, being now the President pro tem of the Senate.
Governor Leslie appointed him Quartermaster General on his staff and he has ever since served in that capacity, being re-appointed by Governors White, Tool and Rickards.
source: An Illustrated History of the State of Montana by Joaquim Miller, 1894
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