Harvey Bliss

This enterprising young businessman came to Montana during the construction of the Northern Pacific Railroad, as bridge foreman for Winston Brothers, bridge contractors and builders of Minneapolis, Minnesota. With that firm he remained five years. In 1884 he began business for himself at Big Timber, and from that time up to the present has been successful and has steadily accumulated property. He constructed a wagon bridge across the Yellowstone River, near Big Timber.

In March 1892 he purchased the large lumber interests of the Gordon Brothers' Lumber Company at Big Timber and has since been handling all kinds of building material in connection with his contracting and building. Many of the best buildings of the town have been erected by him. He owns three completed buildings and has a residence now on the way that when finished will be the best in town. He also deals in hay, grain and agricultural implements. As agent for the Hecht Brothers Wool Company, he shipped for them during the season of 1893, five hundred thousand pounds of wool.

Harvey Bliss was born at Stevens Point, Wisconsin, December 31, 1856, son of Nathaniel F. Bliss, a land speculator. While he has received only a common school education, he has an unusual amount of natural ability, tact and enterprise and these have enabled him to make the wonderful success he has attained since coming to Montana.

source: An Illustrated History of the State of Montana by Joaquim Miller, 1894

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