Community Histories

Histories of the Towns and Townships of Dickinson County
(towns whose histories are narrated to date will have emboldened links)


Alfred Antoine Breen Breitung
Channing (49815) East Kingsford Felch (49831) Felch Mountain
Floodwood Foster City (49834) Golden Granite Bluff
Hardwood (49807) Hylas Iron Mountain (49801) Kingsford (49802)
Loretto (49852) Merriman Metropolitan Norway (49870)
Quinnesec (49876) Ralph (49877) Randville Sagola (49881)
Skidmore Spruce Theodore Turner
Vulcan (49892) Waucedah West Branch  

Towns, Settlements & Railroad Stops From Dickinson County's Past  (Those towns from the past that are still populated do NOT show in the table below.  Instead, look in the table above.)


Antoine Mine Appleton Appleton Mine Aragon Junction
Aragon Mine Bergam Bjorkman Bradley Mine
Breen Mine Brier Hill Mine Bryden Callah
Callan Calumet Mine Careys Carys Spur
Chapin Mine Clano Clifford Mine Cuff Siding
Cundy Mine Curry Mine Cyclops Mine East Norway
East Vulcan Mine Few Mine Ford Siding Ford Spur
Fumee Gratton Groveland Groveland Junction
Groveland Mine Hamlin Henderson Hewitt Mine
Indiana Mine Johnson Spur Kates Keel Ridge
Kelvin King LaCourt's Spur Lindsley
Londsley Loop Line Junction Loretto Mine McRae
Millie Mine Mullin's Trading Post Munro Mine New York Farms
Norway Mine O'Callaghan O'Callaghan (Mills) Spur Ornum
Pewabic Mine Quinnesec Junction Quinnesec Mine Randville Mine
Richardsburg River Siding Ruperchts Russell
Sawyer Lake Siding No. 5 South Norway Spur 221
Sturgeon Sumac Summit Tollen's Spur
Trader's Junction Turner Junction Verona Mine Vista
Vivian Mine Vulcan Mine Wann Ward
Well's Spur West Chapin Mine West Vulcan Mine Youngs


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