Cemetery Data by Township
Alcona Townsip
Black River (Calvary) - Aka Calvary Cemetery
Directions - From Harrisville go North on US23 approximately 12 miles. Go East (Right) on Black River Rd. about 1 mile.

Caledonia Townshp
Pleasant View aka Caledonia Township Cemetery
Directions: From Spruce Go South on Gillard Rd. about .5 miles. Located on Gillard Rd. between Swede Rd. and Spruce Rd.

Curtis Township
Curtisville Cemetery
Directions: From Curtisville Go South on Curtisville Rd. about .5 miles. Go East (Left) on Clouse Rd. about 1 mile.
Glennie (East Curtis) Cemetery
DIRECTIONS: From Glennie Go South on M65 about 1.2 miles Go West (Right) on Lake St.

Harrisville Township

Springport Cemetery
Directions: From Harrisville Go South on US23 approximately 2.3 miles. Cemetery is on the West (right) side of the road.

St. Anne's Catholic Cemtery
Directions: From Harrisville Go South on US23 approximately 1 mile. Cemetery is on the East (left) side of the road.

West Lawn aka West Cemetery
Directions: From Harrisville Go West on M72 approximately .8 miles. Cemetery is on the South (left) side of the road.

Haynes Township
Mt. Joy (Alcona) Aka Haynes Township Cemetery
Directions: From Harrisville Go North on US23 approximately 7.2 miles. Go East (Right) on Alcona Rd. about 1000 yards.

Hawes Township
Twin Lakes Cemetery
DIRECTIONS: From Lincoln Go West on Trask Lake Rd. Cemetery is just west of Lincoln Lake on the North (right) side of the road.

Mitchell Township
Curran Cemetery
Directions: From M65 near Curran. Go EAST on Small Rd. about .5 miles OR From M65 east of Curran Go NORTH on Reeves Rd. about .5 miles Corner of Reeves Rd. and Small Rd.
Flynn Valley Cemetery
Directions: From Curran Go North on M65 about 8.9 miles Go East (Right) on Cemetery Rd.
Fullterton Family Cemetery
Directions: Not available

Millen Township
Maple Ridge Cemetery
Directions: From Barton City Go East on Trask Lake Rd. about 1.7 miles.

Mikado Twp. Cemetery
Directions: Not available

St. Raphael's Catholic Cemetery
Directions: Not available

Trinity Lutheran Cemetery
Directions: Behind Trinity Lutheran Church 2100 Trask Lake Rd. Barton City




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