Calvin Wilson
CALVIN WILSON was born in the State of Vermont in 1833.  In 1870 he came to Alcona County from Canada, where (he) had lived for some time.  He first engaged in lumbering, and has followed it more or less to the present time. In 1876 he purchased land in Section 36, Harrisville Township, which he settled upon and engaged in farming.  He has a wife and five children.  Mr. Wilson is an industrious man and a good citizen.  Mr. Wilson’s farm is as follows:  Eight miles from Harrisville, on Section 36, Town 26, Range 8 east, and occupies for farming purposes the east half of the northeast quarter, and the northeast quarter of the southeast quarter, and the southwest quarter of the southeast quarter, and the southeast quarter of the southwest quarter of the same with the northwest quarter of the southwest quarter of Section 31, Town 26, Range 9 east, on which he has built a large farm-house and barns, and cleared sixty acres.  His average yield of hay is about twenty-five tons of hay, and generally about 250 bushels of wheat and 400 to 500 bushels of potatoes, and 300 bushels of peas.  His farm is in good condition.
(Bibliography:  “History of the Lake Huron Shore and Its People with Illustrations & Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Prominent Pioneers”, 1883, Chicago, Page 276-277)
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