Duncan J. McArthur
DUNCAN J. McARTHUR was born in the township of Glendy, county of Grey, Canada, in 1855, and immigrated to the United States in 1875, and landed at Alcona County, and labored and lumbered in Alcona Township and Alcona County. He was elected township clerk in 1879, and held and discharged the duties to date acceptably.  He was married to Harriet M. Hasty, in 1876, and has four
children; one boy and three girls, all living in Alcona County.  He bought the southeast quarter of the northwest quarter of Section 14, and the northeast quarter of the southwest quarter of Section 14, and commenced business, where he now resides.        
(Bibliography:  “History of the Lake Huron Shore and Its People with Illustrations & Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Prominent Pioneers”,1883, Chicago, Page 279)
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