About Alcona County
Alcona County is located in north eastern Michigan along the shore of Lake Huron.For those of you without a traditional map, place your left hand in front of youand point to the last knuckle on your index finger. Now move down a tiny bit.Yep, right about there. (Okay, we like humor around here.) It was originally set off from its parent counties of Alpena and Cheboygan in 1840 and called Negwegon County. In 1843, the name was changed to Alcona county. It was officially organized in 1869. The earliest settlers were primarily fishermen and trappers and were soon followed by woodsmen. The timber in this region was vast. But soon enough, it was gone. Some folks followed the timber west. Others stayed on and tried to make a go of it at farming. Many great farms dot the landscape of this county and have been in families for generations. Eventually, tourism became a big draw to this entire area. With its abundance of natural resources, beautiful shoreline, picturesque towns and fine quality of people, Alcona County has managed to thrive while still maintaining its rural heritage.


Counties bordering Alcona County are Alpena County to the North, Iosco County to the South and Oscoda County to the West.

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