Lewis Van Wagner
LEWIS VAN WAGNER was born in Delaware County, State of New York, in 1839, moved to Alcona County in 1880, was married in County Norfolk in 1880 to Jane Knapp, was engaged as superintendent of the county farm in 1881 and holds that position.  He bought 120 acres in Harrisville Township and commenced farming for himself; has one boy and one girl living at home. Mr. Van Wagner enlisted in the Third New York Cavalry, at Albany, New York, and served three years; was in the battle of Balls Bluff, and three days in the Wilderness under Grant.  Was honorably discharged at the close of war.        
(Bibliography:  “History of the Lake Huron Shore and Its People with Illustrations & Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Prominent Pioneers”, 1883, Chicago, Page 277)
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