George Ward
GEORGE WARD, one of the enterprising farmers of Alcona County, was born in England, in 1832.  When twelve years of age he emigrated to New Brunswick with his parents.  In 1869 he came to Alcona County and took up eighty acres of land in Section 22, Harrisville Township, upon which he settled.  This land he cleared, and now has an excellent farm under good cultivation.  In 1857 he married Miss Esther Buchanan, of New Brunswick.  They have six children.  Mr. Ward is a hard-working and successful farmer.  He has held positions of trust in the township and county, and as a citizen is much respected.
(Bibliography:  “History of the Lake Huron Shore and Its People with Illustrations & Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Prominent Pioneers”, 1883, Chicago, Page 277)
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